This week on BlogDumps

Top Sites Tuesday was fun this week with Liggy winning this week 🙂 I am glad everyone enjoyed the theme.

If you are interested in joining our fun on Tuesdays the check-in post goes up on Mondays so you know what’s going to be the theme for the week and you can see who all’s participating. Its a lot of fun and talk about bringing you readers we have had thousand of visitors so far this week just to the blog so it is a good way to get some visitors to your blog 🙂

I had some fun this week – some of the new community members have downloaded the BlogDumps Instant Messenger and I received some Instant Messages, that was fun 🙂 If you want to send smileys right click on the text area in the messenger and it brings them up. I have gone through the help area on the IM and made sure that it is up to date. When you download it, it doesn’t take but just a small amount of memory and no special pages or equipment is needed. If you are a member of the BlogDumps Community Discussion forum you use the same username and login password to access it. Have some fun! You can get family and friends to download it they don’t have to be a blogger to use it. This way you can keep in touch with them or just have some fun by sharing photo files etc… If you decide to try it my username is Wolfbernz.

I added comments to the BlogDumps new customizable profile pages on the discussion forum so people you know can leave comments on your profile wall I thought this might be a fun thing to have. you can now change the look add friends and more on your discussion forum profile pages. Give it a try it’s fun!

Make sure if you want to get in on the Saturday Funnies post to upload a funny video and I will use it and link it to your blog… The same goes for the Sunday Music Post Upload one of your favorite songs and I will use it and link the post to you and your blog.

We have been adding blogs to the directory as we can, there have been so many it’s hard to keep up if you would like to get ahead of the line and or get your blog Featured follow me here it’s just a few dollars and you will be in the directory within 24 hours.

Have a great day,