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Wow there are so many new Blogs on BlogDumps this week it’s incredible!
I sure hope we can handle all the traffic, it has been huge! I have actually done some server clean up and removed any sites we decided were of no real value (super old), this will clean out the databases also and help make room for everyone.

I am hoping we can continue to allow new registrations but some of the new bloggers have created more than one blog – some as many as five or six. If you find that some of your blogs are missing you didn’t read the terms of service or your welcome email….. Please Only Create One Blog!

I will be weeding through all the blogs this weekend and all the ones created that are from the same IP address and have more than one and nothing on them I am going to delete them. This makes room for others to have a blog here on BlogDumps I feel this is only fair to everyone, unless BlogDumps starts bringing in enough money that it doesn’t matter then that is the way it will be.

On a lighter note, the best thing about BlogDumps data center is it is not going to be hit by the Hurricane Irene 🙂

We are going to get hit here at the office so we will be hunkered down and hopefully have some internet during the storm. It is supposed to last through Saturday and Sunday so I may or may not be able to post during the weekend.

Well, I am off to get ready for the storm, I hope all of you in the area are in a safe place and ready it’s going to be a big one!

Have a great Friday!

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