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Happy Halloween Music for your Blog – Saturday Funnies!

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Today is the big day here for us, we are throwing a Huge Halloween party here at the farm! They have the building all decorated and scary looking! I really appreciate the crew around here doing everything, so big hugs and thanks all 🙂

After tonight’s party here on the farm I don’t know if I will make a Sunday Music post… LOL
Trina has been uploading Halloween Music to BlogDumps Video site “B Tubed” so if you all want to post some Halloween music on your blog stop by and check out all the new audio that she just uploaded 🙂

Throughout the day she said she will be uploading more so you may find something you like!

If you haven’t joined B Tubed take a moment and join it is a great place to keep all your favorite videos, music, and photos in one place. They can be private or public – you make the choice. If you decide to you can send them privately to friends and family. There is a quick capture feature that allows you to make a video right from you computer using your web cam – you can make it public or private also and send it to who you choose. Some use this feature to send family videos to loved ones around the world. The site is spam free and family friendly.

This Saturday’s Funny Monsters…LOL

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Have a great Saturday!

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Finally Friday is here!

TGIF! Have a great Friday everyone 😀

What a great week it’s been! This week’s top Sites Tuesday winner was Art by Tomas If you’ve never checked out his blog and you are a fan of cool artwork, stop by and don’t forget to leave a comment!

There’s not much new to report unless you live on the East Coast too – the massive amounts of rain have puddled and there are ponds everywhere. While we needed the rain, we didn’t need this much! I need to get the canoe out…LOL

If you are new to the community welcome and make sure to announce your blog in the discussion forum and leave a link to your blog so everyone can check it out 🙂
We are a human edited directory so we will add your blog as soon as we can. We do offer for a one time fee you can go to the head of the line and be included in 24 hours just follow me here and get started.

I did find this video to start off Friday right!

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BlogDumps News

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What a nice week 🙂 It started out nice and it has been wonderful since… I hope you all are having the same type of week. Can you believe they have had Halloween stuff on the shelves for the last couple weeks or so?
The holidays are coming fast!

This week Liggy won “Top Sites Tuesday” She has a great site make sure to stop in and check out her blog and leave a comment, it is the nice thing to do.

I need to add a spam stopper to the comments I can’t believe how many spam comments I get a day! Does everyone get a ton of these? I know you all don’t want to hear this, but I am going to try another spam stopper, I have to do something it has gotten out of control! I think the worst part is they have become so good at the comments I have to read them all to make sure I don’t delete one of your comments. So please be patient with me I will get one that is a bit easier to deal with 🙂

I am glad to see we are getting new blogs created on BlogDumps Bloggers and that the spam form is working so well. If you are looking for a place to create a blog BlogDumps is a nice place to start. BlogDumps is on dedicated servers and we have server techs that are second to none. We do back up the data each day to ensure that if we have an issue you don’t loose all your hard work. We also allow you to blog just for fun or for business purposes as long as it’s not nasty stuff or hateful! We do allow you to use links to affiliate programs, Google adsence, whatever you want to do to make some extra cash and the best part is it’s free.

You may have noticed the Facebook share button throughout BlogDumps, it is not a plugin. I didn’t want to have to keep up with another plugin so I just use this code to add it to a web page or a blog post. I added the code to the discussion forum make sure to change it to your blogs url after you copy and paste it where you want it to show. Here is the link to the forum where I put the code.

If you come across anything that can help others in the community please add it to the discussion forum for others to use. It is also a place for you all to announce yourself to the community or just hang out and have some fun. I have fixed the profile page so you can customize it and your friends can leave you comment on you profile page too 🙂

B Tubed has really showed a large number of new members… B Tubed has a lot of cool features – along with being able to customize your own page you can use your web cam to upload videos and make them private to where only your friends can see them or public and use the embed code to post it in your blog. One of the best things is your media is uploaded fast with no waiting for it to be processed for hours to find there was a problem with your upload. B Tubed is fast and you will see your upload in no time after uploading. If you want to share your Videos, Music or photos in a place that is spam free and no privacy issues then B Tubed is for you. you can add your friend to friend lists send messages and video messages etc… So sign up today and enjoy B Tubed spam free and not over crowded.

Have a great day,

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Friday Funnies

I know I missed the Thursday news but as you all have heard we are trying to have a hurricane!
It isn’t going to happen and that’s because I prepared the Farm for anything that may or could have happened… LOL

In the news this week there is not much to report other than we have had record numbers as far as visitors go so if you haven’t joined the community now is a great time with traffic up it’s a great time to join and get some new readers to your blog.

I really enjoyed this weeks Top Sites Tuesday… I won this week, thank you all I have never won before 🙂
If you haven’t played give it a try this upcoming week we have a good time and it’s nice to get together each week with blogging friends and enjoy each other posts… Who knows your blog could be number one!

I know I said Friday Funnies but I thought I would throw the news in there real quick!

This is a funny video so enjoy and have a great Friday!

Gun Control…


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The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band On Sunday Music

As a young artist Kenny Wayne Shepard was so impressive and he still is. I was living in Southeast Texas at the time when he started out and he was definitely the man at the time. I enjoy his music, it’s not your basic rock and roll it’s kind of a mix of southern rock and the blues. His early music reminded me a young Stevie Ray Vaughan.

This weeks Sunday music was uploaded by FishHawk.
He has a great Christian Blog and has been in the community for some time now, he has uploaded a lot of new songs for everyone to listen to 🙂 Thanks for being a part of the community!

Make sure to visit FishHawk on his blog and leave a comment after all it is the nice thing to do!

If you like the music then you should check out FishHawk’s great blog he even add the lyrics to some so you can read what they are. Some are so hard to understand sometimes so this makes it nice!

Have a great Sunday!

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Saturday Funnies

If you are out playing in the water on the beach this weekend be careful this is a crazy video it had to be photo shopped right? Watch this guy! He is pretty good!

It’s really hot here, I don’t really want to do much but run from air conditioner to air conditioner or maybe I go to go to the beach and enjoy the water and cool off. I hope it isn’t too crowded – it gets that way around here in the summer time. Maybe there will even be surf! LOL

Go to Swellinfo.com for free local Surf Forecasts, Surf Reports, Surf / Swell timelines, and more.

Trina wants to jump the rail and go to Washington to the Smithsonian and see all the cool stuff there… It will be air conditioned…LOL So I guess we’ll flip a coin! It’s all about having fun 😀

Make sure if you want to have your blog in on the Sunday Music Post Upload your favorite Music to BlogDumps B Tubed and I will add it to the post.

The guest blogging registration is coming to a close soon so if you think you might want to guest blog check out this post here. I am going to close it soon to weed out the spammers. I think it would be awesome to have some of you guest blog.

Have a great weekend!

Fourth of July Sunday Music

What a great weekend 🙂 Cool weather, no rain – does it get any better!?!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend with family and friends, we are having a small party here on the farm and a cookout as most do on the Fourth. For those who have followed us in our travels today is a mark in time when my son, his wife and his son will be visiting “Together” this is the first time in probably eight months! We are so happy we can’t stand it 😀 Hopefully this will be the turning stone and the nightmare will be over.

For those who don’t know, they are not fighting. They are a very loving couple and their son was taken from when a misdiagnosis was made by social services. After a long, expensive fight “Today” three generations will spend this holiday together. Life is good!

I found this song, it seemed to fit well Stars and Stripes Forever!

And for you that like to rock how about Nirvana Lake of Fire a great Fourth of July rock song!

If you want to use these they are on B Tubed in the Audio section with an embed code.

Have a great day and a safe happy Fourth of July!


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Saturday Funnies

I know it’s a holiday weekend and all the dads would be watching sports so I thought I would post this video commercial and see how many remember this one… LOL

If you do leave it in the comments and make sure to Tweet it if you use Twitter. It would be nice to have some more of the BlogDumps community join in the fun here on the Saturday Funnies, so if you have a funny video please join BlogDumps B Tubed and upload it. Some videos that have been sent to you by a friend may have a copyright codec and it may not upload so if you have trouble uploading that is probably why. It would be great if you have some funny home videos to share 😀 Continue reading Saturday Funnies

Sunday Music With The Angels

I hope you all are having a great weekend! Trina and I have had a great one so far and we are off to the Chesapeake Wine Festival to top off this Sunday!

This weeks song was uploaded by AngelBaby this song fits her blog so well she has one of the most positive and upbeat blogs on the web and we are glad to have her as a part of the BlogDumps community 🙂

AngelBaby has been a wonderful supporter of BlogDumps for some time now and we appreciate her and all the Love and Blessings she spreads across the web. In Fact I don’t think she has ever missed a Top Sites Tuesday! Make sure to visit here and show her some comment love… We bloggers do love comments after all it is the nice thing to do.

Have a wonderful Sunday


BlogDumps Saturday Night Dump

Well, the first thing I’d like to say is that instead of doing Saturday Funnies, Wolfbernz spent the morning and afternoon cleaning up on BlogDumps and BlogDumps B Tubed and he thinks he sent a B Tubed newsletter. So, if you got more than one newsletter, all I can say is Sorry!! If you didn’t get one, please don’t tell Wolfbernz, or he’ll keep trying! LOL He did give it his best 🙂

B Tubed is all cleaned up and the Web Cam Video uploader is working better than ever. So for those that want to send a private video to a friend or family member it is awesome!

If you haven’t joined BlogDumps B Tubed it is a nice place to network with friends and family, it’s spam free and you don’t have to worry about privacy issues we do not give out anyone’s information to a third party! You can customize your page send messages comment on everyone’s page and there is so much more. Try one of the games that you will find on the site they are simple and fun or just enjoy some cool videos or music. Upload and share your media and photos you can also create albums and make them public or private it’s a great place to host all your media

It’s been a busy day around here today. We’ve spent a good deal of time approving new bloggers and sorting through spammers on BlogDumps Bloggers. We’ve tested all the upload features on BlogDumps including most features found here on the site. Everything is working wonderfully!!! Oops I know shouldn’t have said that 😀 !

We would really like to thank all of you that dump your blogs and wear the BlogDumps button on your site it has helped us grow as one of the better human edited blog directories on the web.

If you would like to help support BlogDumps Get your Blog Featured and reviewed! As a featured blog you will be added to the front page of BlogDumps in the featured blog rotation and also on the directory page then on Saturday your blog will be featured and reviewed. The money we raise helps us keep the site up and running on our dedicated servers and keeps the features for all the bloggers on the site free.

If you have already been featured and would like to continue to help support the site visit the BlogDumps store… Yes Wolfbernz has created a new logo for all the T-Shirts and other item found in the store I won’t tell you what it says but he said due to popular demand this is what they should have on them… LOL

This just seemed to fit the day so enjoy this classic… Where were you!!! I just love Saturdays!

Upload and share your music on B Tubed!

Have a great Saturday night


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