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Stone Temple Pilots On BlogDumps

I was cruising around BlogDumps “B Tubed” and ran across this video that someone made using awesome photos set to one of their popular songs. I really like the creativity that some have in making this type of video.

If you have the ability to make or have some cool videos please upload and share them with the rest of the BlogDumps community. I like the Stone Temple Pilot’s music, do you? What is your favorite music?

For those of you that are visiting for the first time this is a great place to cloud host and back up all your music, videos, and photos. It is up to you to make them public or private, you can also have a list of those you want to share your uploads with. No sense in loosing precious videos or photos when you can host them here on BlogDumps for free, it’s fast simple and easy and your privacy is not an issue – we do not share your information with anyone. Create a page, customize it, have fun and enjoy the site!


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Sunday Music

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So here it is Sunday and I thought it would be fun to go back in time and share one of the classic love songs of all time. I know many are thinking what in the heck is Wolf thinking… Who listens to this stuff?

I am not sure, but I can say a little classic music from the past is good for the soul. Maybe for some a few memories of good times and for others a new found song never heard.

With that said I hope you all are having a great Sunday and had a great weekend.

Trina and I are almost home after a long journey that started last November and we should be home by early May… I can’t believe it has been so long but it has had it’s few weeks of great times coupled with shear terror.

It will be nice to see the family and make some changes to the sailboat that will make the next adventure a bit better.

Upload and share your music on BlogDumps here.
I will use them on our Sunday post with a link to your blog 🙂

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday Music With Madonna!

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I was poking around BlogDumps Video “B Tubed” and found this song by Madonna. I am sure Liggy will Like this one 🙂

I think Madonna did a great job at the super bowl and it was a very cool stage set up.

Enjoy this weeks Music. If you would like to get in on the Sunday music post, upload and share yours here on BlogDumps and I will link it back to your blog.

Have a great Sunday

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BlogDumps News

Thanks to all of you that joined us on “Top Sites Tuesday #100” this last week Liggy from Liggyz Dreamz was the Top Blog! Make sure to go visit her blog you will be glad you did!

It has been a long week around here but we seemed to pull it off we have finished all our work and we are getting ready to take off for a couple weeks. Trina and I are going to deliver a sailboat from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to the USA most likely San Diego, California. Since we are now uptown…LOL and we are automated with the blog submissions everything should run smooth. We aren’t too sure about whether or not we’ll have internet once we get there, so we might be a bit out of touch until we get back to the USA.

This week I have had to delete some blogs that were created here on BlogDumps Bloggers… Sorry guys, terms of service, no spam dating sites or blogs with links to them, no nasty stuff we run a clean ship here. There are plenty of places to go there and do that on the web.

Not much else happening around here, we did loose a few front page sponsors so make sure to click around and check out some of the sites that support the BlogDumps community 🙂 on the main page.

Things are looking good for the community, our Google rank is up to a five now and we are bouncing around the top 90 to one hundred thousand on Alexa with so many hits. Make sure you update and add your blog to your profile in the BlogDumps Forum it will help bring you new readers and comments to your blog. I have supped up your profile page so you can make it look nice and even add videos or music. Make sure to announce your blog in the newbie thread if you haven’t already and leave a link to your blog so all the visitors can stop by and check you out.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday Music With The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

I really like Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s music 🙂

At a very young age he was a great artist almost breaking the sound barrier with his southern style rock. He was born Kenny Wayne Brobst, on June 12, 1977, Shreveport, Louisiana, that’s where he gets all that soul in his music I am sure!

I am sure his influences had to be people like Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King, others that played this style for him to play it so well and make it sound so good.

When we were on vacation this last winter there was a young teen named Zach on a yacht next to us that we buddy boated with and he could play Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and some Kenny Wayne Shepherd among others. It was cool to wake up in the morning to hear him jamming some cool tunes he too was starting young I can only imagine how well he will play in a few more years.

This song was uploaded by FishHawk, he has a great blog and some good taste in music so make sure to visit his blog and check him out here… You will be glad you did!

Get your blog in on the Sunday Music Post, Upload your favorite songs here.

It’s off to church and time to play with the Grandson, Jacob, he is turning two this year on May 15! I am not that old I just had kids young… LOL

Have a great Sunday,


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Sunday Music with Liggyz Dreamz

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Liggy has been a wonderful member of BlogDumps for some time now and has become a friend indeed 🙂

Her blog is super! She always has so many cool things going on and some great music reviews too. You will not find a more upbeat and positive blog to read.

The layout of her blog, Liggyz Dreamz makes it wonderful to navigate and is so easy on the eyes so make sure to stop by and subscribe to her blog you will be glad you did.

Check out Liggyz Dreamz here

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Sunday Music Is Back!

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I haven’t done one for a while now and it’s time to get back into the swing of things around here!

We have enjoyed our time off so much words cannot explain it, but after all the things we did and went through to get the sailboat to Puerto Vallarta, and have a blast doing this trip, I think this music fits very well. I am sure you will agree if you read my last weeks Top Sites Tuesday Post on Wolfbernz.com

So we are headed out to the hotel by the airport and from there we leave out Tuesday morning to fly back to the farm on the Eastern Shore 🙂

We have already begun to get back to work, Blog registrations are open again and the new default theme is awesome. BlogDumps Bloggers is also on the latest stable version of WordPress. BlogDumps is on dedicated servers with round the clock server techs so no worries! Blog about whatever you wish just no nasty stuff, there are many other places for that! Have some fun and join us here in the BlogDumps community 🙂

So here it is Sunday music and I find this so fitting!

Upload your favorite music and I will link the Sunday Music Post to your Blog!

PS: For those who want to be ready for this weeks Top Site Tuesday the theme is “Two Thoughts On Tuesday” Share your thought with the community 🙂

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Friday News On BlogDumps

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Wow, I can’t stand the spammers. I have tried the captcha and I agree with everyone, I don’t like it either.
I have been getting so much spam it’s crazy!

This weeks Top Sites Tuesday was fun, Thanks for joining us 🙂
There was a record number of visitors to the blog from Monday to today so I hope you all had some new visitors!

The Winner of this weeks Top Sites Tuesday is Bud (aka Older Eyes) He has a great blog and it is a must read on your blog surfing so make sure to stop by, when you do leave a comment bloggers love comments 🙂

The news for BlogDumps this week is I have been working on the front page so it makes for a better home page for those that use BlogDumps. The web search is just the same as Google’s search but if you want to support BlogDumps make it your home page and use the web search, BlogDumps gets paid for all the clicks on the sponsored links. The front page has a lot of quick links to all your favorite social sites and email I just added Ebay to the list. if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments and I will add the link you want to the front page. The weather has been added a few weeks ago and it is not just for Delaware you can add you zip code in the search box and get your local weather. I hope you all like the new front page I am trying to make it a convenient start page with all the links we need in one place instead of trying to open multiple pages and eliminate having to type in the address bar. I like to just click with my mouse…LOL

I added the BlogDumps Mini Video Player and it will play one of the videos off of B Tubed each day. I though this would be kind of cool and it would add something fun to the front page also. Today’s was a Felix The Cat cartoon remember those 🙂 they were great!

I also added quick links to the BlogDumps Features make sure to try them they are free and are very useful. The BlogDumps IM I am sure you will like so give it a whirl you can download it here.

Make sure if you would like to get in on the Saturday Video Post before the Saturday Night Dump goes up join B Tubed and upload some videos I will use them and give you a link to your blog as the one who uploaded it. The same goes for the Sunday music post so stop by B Tubed and join today it’s fun easy and spam free. You can customize your own page layout too!

I hope you all have a great Friday night!


Counting Crows On Sunday Music

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It’s a quiet rainy day here on the Eastern Shore. I don’t know why but I sleep in so good on rainy days 🙂

I know that’s why I am so late updating the site I am a sleepy head today… LOL

Enjoy this weeks music uploaded by Jazzyone on B Tubed check out all her cool music, photos and games

Upload and share your Music and Videos on B Tubed

Have a great Sunday

PS if you like the Facebook button I put the code in the forum under general discussion.