Friday Funnies

I know I missed the Thursday news but as you all have heard we are trying to have a hurricane!
It isn’t going to happen and that’s because I prepared the Farm for anything that may or could have happened… LOL

In the news this week there is not much to report other than we have had record numbers as far as visitors go so if you haven’t joined the community now is a great time with traffic up it’s a great time to join and get some new readers to your blog.

I really enjoyed this weeks Top Sites Tuesday… I won this week, thank you all I have never won before 🙂
If you haven’t played give it a try this upcoming week we have a good time and it’s nice to get together each week with blogging friends and enjoy each other posts… Who knows your blog could be number one!

I know I said Friday Funnies but I thought I would throw the news in there real quick!

This is a funny video so enjoy and have a great Friday!

Gun Control…


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