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What a nice week 🙂 It started out nice and it has been wonderful since… I hope you all are having the same type of week. Can you believe they have had Halloween stuff on the shelves for the last couple weeks or so?
The holidays are coming fast!

This week Liggy won “Top Sites Tuesday” She has a great site make sure to stop in and check out her blog and leave a comment, it is the nice thing to do.

I need to add a spam stopper to the comments I can’t believe how many spam comments I get a day! Does everyone get a ton of these? I know you all don’t want to hear this, but I am going to try another spam stopper, I have to do something it has gotten out of control! I think the worst part is they have become so good at the comments I have to read them all to make sure I don’t delete one of your comments. So please be patient with me I will get one that is a bit easier to deal with 🙂

I am glad to see we are getting new blogs created on BlogDumps Bloggers and that the spam form is working so well. If you are looking for a place to create a blog BlogDumps is a nice place to start. BlogDumps is on dedicated servers and we have server techs that are second to none. We do back up the data each day to ensure that if we have an issue you don’t loose all your hard work. We also allow you to blog just for fun or for business purposes as long as it’s not nasty stuff or hateful! We do allow you to use links to affiliate programs, Google adsence, whatever you want to do to make some extra cash and the best part is it’s free.

You may have noticed the Facebook share button throughout BlogDumps, it is not a plugin. I didn’t want to have to keep up with another plugin so I just use this code to add it to a web page or a blog post. I added the code to the discussion forum make sure to change it to your blogs url after you copy and paste it where you want it to show. Here is the link to the forum where I put the code.

If you come across anything that can help others in the community please add it to the discussion forum for others to use. It is also a place for you all to announce yourself to the community or just hang out and have some fun. I have fixed the profile page so you can customize it and your friends can leave you comment on you profile page too 🙂

B Tubed has really showed a large number of new members… B Tubed has a lot of cool features – along with being able to customize your own page you can use your web cam to upload videos and make them private to where only your friends can see them or public and use the embed code to post it in your blog. One of the best things is your media is uploaded fast with no waiting for it to be processed for hours to find there was a problem with your upload. B Tubed is fast and you will see your upload in no time after uploading. If you want to share your Videos, Music or photos in a place that is spam free and no privacy issues then B Tubed is for you. you can add your friend to friend lists send messages and video messages etc… So sign up today and enjoy B Tubed spam free and not over crowded.

Have a great day,

Upload and share your media on B Tubed and embed it on your blog like this one!