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As We Travel

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We have been in La Paz on the boat and have done a few road trips to a cool town on the lower end of Baja California called Todo Santos.

One thing I have learned on this trip is that it is an adventure. We have gone the wrong way on one way streets, then we took the wrong road and went totally the wrong way. We were pulled over by the federales and the police man took all our money but no ticket or trip to the jail… We did make it to Todo Santos and Landed in a really cool three room villa in a place called Posada Del Molino. It’s an old sugar cane mill with a couple amazing rooms and very friendly owners. Trina took lots of pictures here are some of them.

But as we have travel on this trip I have found that there are so many people that need so much. Just clean water is something to treasure and is something we take for granted at home because we have so much. The houses are not the big fancy homes and full of TVs some are made of just pallets and a palm leaf roof! – if they have electric, wow what a bonus let alone hot water. There are only a few paved roads here and the rest are dirt or dirt and rock… Makes for a bumpy ride! But here we complain at home when there is a pot-hole in the freshly paved road.

Something I have noticed is that the people are happy, polite, and the kids seem to find pleasure in the simplest things, not a video game or a TV show. These are proud people and happy with what they have and you can see the love for family everywhere you go, it is a lesson to be learned to those who have so much and think they haven’t gotten their fair share, let me tell you something, you have it – you just don’t see it.

This trip has made me realize just how good life is whether you have it all or have nothing – if you are happy life is at it’s best! So cherish the happy moments and enjoy them as they come along. If people in a third world country with so little can be happy and so thankful we should all sit up and take notice.

For those that have followed my blogging about making electric wind mills and solar energy, I see how much of a difference this could make and how much of an impact it would be for the people to have electric utilities and how this could be done for a small amount of money relative to the amount that we waste each day.

Todo Santos is a really laid back town very friendly people and the beach and surf have been wonderful – I take that back awesome is the right word to use. We were here on New Years and it was so nice we decided to return for a couple days to enjoy this wonderful town before we set sail for Mazatlan.

It was different to drive down dirt roads and look at brick and block walls and think this is a hotel? But once we were behind the walls that kept out the dusty road it opened into this magnificent beauty of palms, flowers and plants that we keep indoors that were eight feet tall. It was as if we stepped into a different time or place.

I can’t tell you enough how nice it was to sleep in a bed that doesn’t move bounce or shift like on the boat but I can say that after being on the ocean for so long I had to do a three point stance (one hand on the wall and feet spread) when I took that long hot shower… ’cause the shower was moving as if I were still on the sailboat… LOL

The surf at Todo Santos today was head high or bigger with long rolling waves we had a great time! I managed to catch a few but I stayed in the water so long I couldn’t lift myself up on the surf board any longer so I rode the last on in on my stomach with a big grin on my face Viva Todo Santos 🙂

Headed out to the surf

Next stop will be Mazatlan as we will sail across the Sea of Cortez. It is a three hundred and fifty mile crossing we hope for good weather and mellow seas!

Thanks for stopping by

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A Nice Day Sailing

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We arrived, cleaned up the boat after a long sail and just hung out and slept. It was nice to get some rest after being out on the water for eight days. It was hard to get over the sea legs we all staggered up the docks… We all looked like we were drunk, wobbley legs for sure…LOL

I woke up this morning and I could not believe how tired I was, it was like jet lag.

Yesterday we decided after being rested we would go for a sail down the caost and anchor off the beach. It was really nice, we found this really cool cove to anchor in and the water was nice for a swim.

I didn’t get any photos but we saw a whole bunch of skate fish jumping out of the water as if they thought they could fly flapping what looked like wings… Some of them got real air coming out of the water five feet! It was awesome!

On the way we saw this cool pirate ship check out the photo it looked like a real one!

I took a few more photos of the cove we want to to share with everyone 🙂

I hope everyone is doing well, it’s nice to finally have the time to sit down relax and blog a little bit.
If for some reason we lose internet, Trina and I want to wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

Trina and Wolfbernz

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Sailing To Cabo San Lucas

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What a ride we’ve had! We started out in Marina Del Rey in L.A. California, sailed to Catalina Island and then headed toward Mexico… Off to Cabo San Lucas, Warmer weather 🙂

The first four days we were at sea it was a bit cold in the sixties – not to bad. We sailed toward Cabo with Turtle Bay in mind if we needed fuel etc. It was a beautiful sail going down wind down swell about a hundred miles or so offshore. As we headed south we hit a bit of rain but it didn’t last – it was definitely foul weather gear though!

We all took posted watches as we sailed down the coast. We decided it would be best just to stay offshore and just go for it and get to warmer waters.

Well, as expected we ran out of wind and had to motor for some time so we headed for Cedros Island and skirted between it and the small island next to it and the land heading for Turtle Bay to get fuel. It was quite exciting coming into Turtle Bay with all the cool local fishing boat all around us. We couldn’t see them on the radar because they are wooden boats so we turned on our flashers and then so did they and we were surrounded by them it was incredible to see. We came in at first light got fuel, some fresh milk, some fruit and off we went back out to sea with 4 more days to go.

The funniest and the best thing that happend on the trip was we have a tiny fishing pole… We forgot the big pole…LOL anyway we decided to put the big reel on the teeny tiny pole and do some trolling. Low and behold we caught a 20lb yellow fin tuna 🙂 it was fantastic! Here we are 100 miles offshore with the BBQ going with fresh tuna steaks on the grill. We all still can’t believe we caught a 20lb tuna with a small trout fishing pole made for a lake!

It was really a nice sail for the next four days the wind started to feel warmer and we could watch the water tempature rise as we got closer to Cabo.

Since we have arived we have to check in to the country so it has been a bit hectic but I wanted to blog a bit about our first leg of the trip. When we get settled in and I can downsize some more photos I will post them.

Happy Travels,
Wolfbernz and Trina

Sunday Music

It was a great fun filled weekend. We picked a direction (this time South) and decided to visit Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Our stay in Only on Friday night was interest to say the least – but everything got better Saturday. After weeks of heat it finally decided to rain. Not much better than visiting wineries on a rainy day!

We started by visiting the Chatham Vineyards. They had wine fermenting in Oak Barrels for show and cases of wine that was waiting to be shipped. The whole room was climate controlled – she said they strive to keep it about 60 degrees so it was nice and chilly. The wines were excellent! They had a small selection, maybe 5 or 6 different type to choose from, but every one was better than the last! I especially enjoyed their Cabernet Franc (of course we bought a bottle)

We left there, admiring their vineyards and visited a few more, but the bar was already set and while their servers were full of personality, their wine just wasn’t right for us LOL

As we headed back toward home we took a few detours. We went to Crisfeild, Maryland. What a cute little town and guess what? They’ll be having a wine festival on July 31 – LOL Who knew! They had lovely views from the dock of the Chesapeake Bay and all their street signs had cute red crabs on them (it was like the theme for the town)

Then the rain picked up as we headed more north – something we really needed. I even heard there were streets closed for flooding in St. Micheal’s, Maryland.

Have an Excellent Sunday Evening Everyone!

My Other Job!

Ok, Hump day is over. I decided not to update yesterday’s “Its Hump Day Once Again!” post with pictures of the window replacements I installed this week, instead I decided to make a separate post with the pictures and tell you a bit about the job.

First and foremost, I have to tell you about the customer. This couple has been a regular customer of mine for years. They are older now – middle to late seventies – but they garden everyday. They have an awesome garden that they tend to religiously. The vegetable that have come from the garden have been awesome (they sometime have more than they can use and send me home with a bag of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce and who knows what else!)

Over the years I’ve worked all over the house and every year we talk about their front porch. If we add a little more caulking and a fresh coat of paint, can they safely go another year without replacing the extra large windows on either side? Well, the heat and moisture this summer did the windows in and it was finally time to replace them. Here are some pictures:

Casement/Picture window before replacement with the top row of Cedar shingles removed.
Casement/Picture window before replacement with the top row of Cedar shingles removed.

Close-up of old window - notice the glass is sliding down.
Close-up of old window - notice the glass is sliding down.

Window on the right side of the porch.  This is the new, low-e replacement window.
Window on the right side of the porch. This is the new, low-e replacement window.

So, there you have it – Before and After! Just like the Home and Garden Show! LOL

Have a great evening!

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Walter Cronkite and the Lunar Landing On Sunday Music

I have been watching the news in the last week.. I know, go figure! I couldn’t help but notice the whole Lunar Landing 40th anniversary and the passing of Walter Cronkite. I think that it is kind of ironic that Mr. Cronkite Passed away so close to this 40th anniversary of the Moon Walk that he reported on.

Walter Cronkite

Walter Cronkite was an amazing reporter and thanks to Sunday Morning this morning, I even know that in some countries anchor-men are called “Cronkiters” I think that’s awesome! He reported truthfully and faithfully and millions of people listened and believed and respected him.

There are still people that don’t believe that the moon walk was real. I believe. If we can have computers so tiny they fit in the palm of our hand, why couldn’t we launch a mission to the moon successfully?

I asked a friend if she thought it was a conspiracy and her reply was, “I wasn’t on the Moon so I can’t tell you that I really know.” While only the astronauts really know that we went to space or to the moon, I hate to think that President Kennedy’s words “We are going to the Moon” were false and unfulfilled.

So what are your thoughts? And are you going to be watching the new “Digitally Remastered” films from the first moon walk?

Happy Sunday!

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Happy Birthday Trina

Yes, it is Trina’s Birthday today, My best friend is now a year younger then before!
You won’t get me to say it any other way…lol


I can’t say enough about how much we all appreciate you in every aspect of your life, you have always been there for all of us and for anyone and for any reason and that is a trait hardly found in any of us. Without you and all that you do BlogDumps, well, would just be a dump.

With out you in my life, I know it would be a much harder road then I have to walk now. You are the hardest working most kind and loving person I have ever met in my life.
I am the lucky one to have you as a friend.
I am sure there are many that feel the same about you as I do.

I wish you the best Birthday ever!

Lots of love from all of us,
Wolfbernz and the Crew
. . . . . .

Top Site Tuesday post will go up this afternoon… The Theme is – “What is your Favorite Song”

Top Sites Tuesday

Wolfbernz and I enjoyed our trip to Pennsylvania on Sunday. The hilly country-side farmed by the Amish and the cute, quaint stores filled with home-made and home baked goods and the Strasburg Railroad. Here’s a few pictures (Wolfbernz used his handy-dandy pocket pc/phone to take these pictures):

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Happy Tuesday!