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Stone Temple Pilots On BlogDumps

I was cruising around BlogDumps “B Tubed” and ran across this video that someone made using awesome photos set to one of their popular songs. I really like the creativity that some have in making this type of video.

If you have the ability to make or have some cool videos please upload and share them with the rest of the BlogDumps community. I like the Stone Temple Pilot’s music, do you? What is your favorite music?

For those of you that are visiting for the first time this is a great place to cloud host and back up all your music, videos, and photos. It is up to you to make them public or private, you can also have a list of those you want to share your uploads with. No sense in loosing precious videos or photos when you can host them here on BlogDumps for free, it’s fast simple and easy and your privacy is not an issue – we do not share your information with anyone. Create a page, customize it, have fun and enjoy the site!


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Sailing To Cabo San Lucas

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What a ride we’ve had! We started out in Marina Del Rey in L.A. California, sailed to Catalina Island and then headed toward Mexico… Off to Cabo San Lucas, Warmer weather 🙂

The first four days we were at sea it was a bit cold in the sixties – not to bad. We sailed toward Cabo with Turtle Bay in mind if we needed fuel etc. It was a beautiful sail going down wind down swell about a hundred miles or so offshore. As we headed south we hit a bit of rain but it didn’t last – it was definitely foul weather gear though!

We all took posted watches as we sailed down the coast. We decided it would be best just to stay offshore and just go for it and get to warmer waters.

Well, as expected we ran out of wind and had to motor for some time so we headed for Cedros Island and skirted between it and the small island next to it and the land heading for Turtle Bay to get fuel. It was quite exciting coming into Turtle Bay with all the cool local fishing boat all around us. We couldn’t see them on the radar because they are wooden boats so we turned on our flashers and then so did they and we were surrounded by them it was incredible to see. We came in at first light got fuel, some fresh milk, some fruit and off we went back out to sea with 4 more days to go.

The funniest and the best thing that happend on the trip was we have a tiny fishing pole… We forgot the big pole…LOL anyway we decided to put the big reel on the teeny tiny pole and do some trolling. Low and behold we caught a 20lb yellow fin tuna 🙂 it was fantastic! Here we are 100 miles offshore with the BBQ going with fresh tuna steaks on the grill. We all still can’t believe we caught a 20lb tuna with a small trout fishing pole made for a lake!

It was really a nice sail for the next four days the wind started to feel warmer and we could watch the water tempature rise as we got closer to Cabo.

Since we have arived we have to check in to the country so it has been a bit hectic but I wanted to blog a bit about our first leg of the trip. When we get settled in and I can downsize some more photos I will post them.

Happy Travels,
Wolfbernz and Trina

Saturday Funnies

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Finally the sun is out here a little cool but that’s ok!
Instead of a video I found these funny photos on B Tubed today 🙂

funny pictures squirrel-is ready for winter

funny pictures cat sits in box

Funny Mailbox

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Have a great Saturday


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