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We have been in La Paz on the boat and have done a few road trips to a cool town on the lower end of Baja California called Todo Santos.

One thing I have learned on this trip is that it is an adventure. We have gone the wrong way on one way streets, then we took the wrong road and went totally the wrong way. We were pulled over by the federales and the police man took all our money but no ticket or trip to the jail… We did make it to Todo Santos and Landed in a really cool three room villa in a place called Posada Del Molino. It’s an old sugar cane mill with a couple amazing rooms and very friendly owners. Trina took lots of pictures here are some of them.

But as we have travel on this trip I have found that there are so many people that need so much. Just clean water is something to treasure and is something we take for granted at home because we have so much. The houses are not the big fancy homes and full of TVs some are made of just pallets and a palm leaf roof! – if they have electric, wow what a bonus let alone hot water. There are only a few paved roads here and the rest are dirt or dirt and rock… Makes for a bumpy ride! But here we complain at home when there is a pot-hole in the freshly paved road.

Something I have noticed is that the people are happy, polite, and the kids seem to find pleasure in the simplest things, not a video game or a TV show. These are proud people and happy with what they have and you can see the love for family everywhere you go, it is a lesson to be learned to those who have so much and think they haven’t gotten their fair share, let me tell you something, you have it – you just don’t see it.

This trip has made me realize just how good life is whether you have it all or have nothing – if you are happy life is at it’s best! So cherish the happy moments and enjoy them as they come along. If people in a third world country with so little can be happy and so thankful we should all sit up and take notice.

For those that have followed my blogging about making electric wind mills and solar energy, I see how much of a difference this could make and how much of an impact it would be for the people to have electric utilities and how this could be done for a small amount of money relative to the amount that we waste each day.

Todo Santos is a really laid back town very friendly people and the beach and surf have been wonderful – I take that back awesome is the right word to use. We were here on New Years and it was so nice we decided to return for a couple days to enjoy this wonderful town before we set sail for Mazatlan.

It was different to drive down dirt roads and look at brick and block walls and think this is a hotel? But once we were behind the walls that kept out the dusty road it opened into this magnificent beauty of palms, flowers and plants that we keep indoors that were eight feet tall. It was as if we stepped into a different time or place.

I can’t tell you enough how nice it was to sleep in a bed that doesn’t move bounce or shift like on the boat but I can say that after being on the ocean for so long I had to do a three point stance (one hand on the wall and feet spread) when I took that long hot shower… ’cause the shower was moving as if I were still on the sailboat… LOL

The surf at Todo Santos today was head high or bigger with long rolling waves we had a great time! I managed to catch a few but I stayed in the water so long I couldn’t lift myself up on the surf board any longer so I rode the last on in on my stomach with a big grin on my face Viva Todo Santos 🙂

Headed out to the surf

Next stop will be Mazatlan as we will sail across the Sea of Cortez. It is a three hundred and fifty mile crossing we hope for good weather and mellow seas!

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One thought on “As We Travel”

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun! I wish I was there too. Be careful and safe while having all that fun.

    Love and Blessings,

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