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Sunday Music

It was a great fun filled weekend. We picked a direction (this time South) and decided to visit Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Our stay in Only on Friday night was interest to say the least – but everything got better Saturday. After weeks of heat it finally decided to rain. Not much better than visiting wineries on a rainy day!

We started by visiting the Chatham Vineyards. They had wine fermenting in Oak Barrels for show and cases of wine that was waiting to be shipped. The whole room was climate controlled – she said they strive to keep it about 60 degrees so it was nice and chilly. The wines were excellent! They had a small selection, maybe 5 or 6 different type to choose from, but every one was better than the last! I especially enjoyed their Cabernet Franc (of course we bought a bottle)

We left there, admiring their vineyards and visited a few more, but the bar was already set and while their servers were full of personality, their wine just wasn’t right for us LOL

As we headed back toward home we took a few detours. We went to Crisfeild, Maryland. What a cute little town and guess what? They’ll be having a wine festival on July 31 – LOL Who knew! They had lovely views from the dock of the Chesapeake Bay and all their street signs had cute red crabs on them (it was like the theme for the town)

Then the rain picked up as we headed more north – something we really needed. I even heard there were streets closed for flooding in St. Micheal’s, Maryland.

Have an Excellent Sunday Evening Everyone!

BlueMont Vineyard

Normally I don’t post on Wednesday, but I just had to slip this one in!

I know last Sunday we had mentioned that we were in Virginia for the turning of the leaves – it was great by the way 🙂 And Irene had to climb a mountain I’ll save that for another blog post.. LOL

It was our third trip to this area. This last time was not really to do the winery thing but Sunday when we decided to come home, we thought about this great place we had stopped at on the first trip, BlueMont Winery. It’s a family owned and run operation, from what I am to understand, and they are good at what they do! Out of all the wineries we visited, I’d say this one was the best – not only the wine but the layout of the building, the remodeling and bringing it up to speed to make it what it is today. Bluemont is a wonderful place to sit out on the deck at a table and take in the gorgeous views while having a glass (or two) of some of their awesome wine 🙂

Ok. Stop it AngelBaby. I am not a wino…LOL I just like the good stuff… hehehe 🙂 and that is what you will find at Bluemont Winery. And no, Maat, that’s not what happened in the recliner! LOL

I took a couple of photos so you could get an idea of what I am saying about the views, totally awesome!

If you are in the area you should definitely stop in – you will be glad you did. The owner and staff were great the young lady that waited on us was terrific! We even laughed how we had all done the “Sideways” trip in California *No More Merlot* – You have to see the movie. Then she gave us directions to a mountain trail just up the road that we could climb so Irene would be happy. Irene asked me, “What would be the best photo, Dad?” when we got to the top… I said, “A helicopter picking me up and delivering me to the car!” 🙂

I also liked the way they named the bottles of wine. Each winery has some type of naming thing but being an animal lover I thought theirs was cool… Like the “Goat” is Viognier, a dry white wine aged in the barrel. I had this with some good ‘ole Maryland Blue Crab salad made with fresh spinach when I got home, it was wonderful! I didn’t find one wine on their shelf I did not like! In fact, I just bought one of each! Why try to decide when they are all good?!?!

Here are some of the photos I took of this gem I found in Virginia. If you plan to get married you just might want to take a look at the layout it’s awesome 🙂

BlueMont Vineyard Inside
BlueMont Vineyard Inside

What a great view from where the grapes are!
What a great view from where the grapes are!

Standing in the gift area
Standing in the gift area

The view of the deck area
The view of the deck area

Well, I guess it’s hump day and I have a lot of web site work to get done for customers so I am back to the grindstone. I hope you enjoyed this little tour and if you are up that way, make sure to stop in! Here is the link to their site!

Have a great day! I’ll see you at the BlogDumps Thursday news. Oh and Tweet this post please, I think they deserve the attention!

All the best,

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