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Wolfbernz and I enjoyed our trip to Pennsylvania on Sunday. The hilly country-side farmed by the Amish and the cute, quaint stores filled with home-made and home baked goods and the Strasburg Railroad. Here’s a few pictures (Wolfbernz used his handy-dandy pocket pc/phone to take these pictures):

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Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Top Sites Tuesday”

  1. Thanks for the tour! Beautiful countryside…only been up that once. Loved the trains although there is nothing beats the old steam trains…not just the engines but all the way to the caboose…sight, smell and sound. Thanks!

  2. I just thought I should tell you what it is like here in Southern California. It is going to be 85 today, just like summer, sorry you are not here to enjoy it! heheheheh

    Love and Blessings,

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