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BlogDumps News

Thanks to all of you that joined us on “Top Sites Tuesday #100” this last week Liggy from Liggyz Dreamz was the Top Blog! Make sure to go visit her blog you will be glad you did!

It has been a long week around here but we seemed to pull it off we have finished all our work and we are getting ready to take off for a couple weeks. Trina and I are going to deliver a sailboat from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to the USA most likely San Diego, California. Since we are now uptown…LOL and we are automated with the blog submissions everything should run smooth. We aren’t too sure about whether or not we’ll have internet once we get there, so we might be a bit out of touch until we get back to the USA.

This week I have had to delete some blogs that were created here on BlogDumps Bloggers… Sorry guys, terms of service, no spam dating sites or blogs with links to them, no nasty stuff we run a clean ship here. There are plenty of places to go there and do that on the web.

Not much else happening around here, we did loose a few front page sponsors so make sure to click around and check out some of the sites that support the BlogDumps community ๐Ÿ™‚ on the main page.

Things are looking good for the community, our Google rank is up to a five now and we are bouncing around the top 90 to one hundred thousand on Alexa with so many hits. Make sure you update and add your blog to your profile in the BlogDumps Forum it will help bring you new readers and comments to your blog. I have supped up your profile page so you can make it look nice and even add videos or music. Make sure to announce your blog in the newbie thread if you haven’t already and leave a link to your blog so all the visitors can stop by and check you out.

Have a great weekend everyone!


BlogDumps News

It has been a great week here on BlogDumps ๐Ÿ™‚

Older Eyes won this weeks Top Site Tuesday. Make sure to visit his nice blog it’s a great read.

If you would like to get in on the fun, the Top Sites Tuesday check in post goes up on Mondays!

We have been working hard on the site. I will be uploading more avatars to the discussion forum for those who don’t want to use their photos. If you are a part of the discussion forum please update your profiles. There is a place to add all your blog info and your favorite media, I also added a place for your blogging friends to leave comment on your profile wall so give it a try you can customize your profile page too. The discussion forum gets thousands of hits a month so it’s a great place to announce your blog or start a discussion and gain some readers.

I have had to clean out some of the spam blogs that have been created this last week on BlogDumps Bloggers. I may have to implement some extra measures or start moderating and then approving each… Got to love them spammers!!!

I do want to welcome all of you that have created a blog here on BlogDumps. I noticed that some of you have got started but stopped so if you are having some trouble or need help just let me know, I am here to help.

Have a great rest of the week! The best part of today is that tomorrow is Friday and then it’s finally the weekend!


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BlogDumps News

This weeks winner of Top Sites Tuesday is Cheryl from the blog The Art of Being Conflicted. As Bud would say “I like the way you write and I am glad you joined us on TST” I think that goes for all of us here ๐Ÿ™‚ Make sure to visit Cheryl’s blog you will be glad you did it’s awesome!

So the news for the day… I guess I should have mentioned, not that I am forgetful LOL… that the back ups on all the sites throughout the Wolfbernz network -that includes BlogDumps Bloggers on – has been moved to a different time. We did this due to popular demand because the amount of traffic and the backups slow down the data bases for a short period of time (like 10 minutes). The back ups have been moved to 3am Eastern time and 12:00am PST so if you notice a little slow down on accessing the sites this is why. We will be putting up a BlogDumps is over capacity page for when this happens but if you see this don’t panic, all is well.

We really could use another dedicated server so if you are a BlogDumps Blogger and would like to help get us there there is a subscribe button for one dollar a month via PayPal hopefully on your BlogDumps Bloggers Dashboard we will get enough people to do this and we will add one soon. By the way there are now 1,310 active blogs on BlogDumps Bloggers and we are growing daily! Some of the older blogs from back in 2006 and 2007 that have not been updated or used have been archived to make way for new and active bloggers.

BlogDumps Bloggers site has been updated again. It seems as though WP has a new update each week lately, but that’s ok it keeps the site secure and we do appreciate all they do over there that gives us the ability to run BlogDumps Bloggers and the chance for people to join BlogDumps and get a free blog!

We have a new blog Submission, now when you add your blog you can chose a category and it places you in there as soon as you finish the form and add your link. I have wanted this for so long and it has been up and running a week with no issues… It even shows your Google page rank and I can update that too! So if you are new or a new blogger visiting, submit your blog to the newly remodeled BlogDumps directory!

Have a great Thursday


BlogDumps News And The DMCA

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To start off this week, I am very happy with all the new blogs since we have re-opened registrations, I haven’t had to battle any porn, nasty stuff or spammers… Knock on wood (*knocks on head…LOL*)

Everything has been running very smooth and the Top Sites Issue has been resolved.

I would like to see more bloggers join BlogDumps B Tubed but that will come in time. When you upload your music and videos I will use them here on the blog and link the post to your blog.

This year we would like to beat all of the previous years in Bloggers joining the BlogDumps community so make sure to pass the word to all your friends and if you friends don’t have a blog, make sure to let them know they can get one free right here on BlogDumps.

A good question was brought up to me today by Cheryl from Art Of Being Conflicted The question was:

Should there be a copyright statement on a blog?

Yes, I think this is important all of you should have a copyright symbol and link it to a page that lets everyone know that copying your material without your permission is prohibited. Many of you write very well, much better than I do, and your material is yours. People out there do like to use others material for whatever reason, I don’t know.

Having a copyright statement a good way to protect what you write because no one can say they didn’t see a copyright on your page. Some of you are into photography and you do not need people stealing your photos and using them as their own. I have visited a lot of blogs that use a company called Copyscape it disables the right click and copy and may do even more. I have never used them, but I think this is something to be considered. For the record, when you publish something on the web people can reprint what you have written but there must be a link to the original blog post and it must say something about where the material came from original and where you can read the original post. This is part of the (DMCA) Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If for some reason you find someone using your material you can Google the DMCA and follow the guidelines to have them stop. To start, you can try the nice way and send a DMCA notice but if that does not work you can notify their hosting company. You can find their hosting company by using the whois (Google whois) when you use the whois you will find the registrar of the name that is not the hosting company. The hosting company is on the nameservers it will look like the is the hosting company. By law if you have tried the nice way to have them stop then you notify the hosting company and send a DMCA to the hosting company if they do not remove it they become in violation themselves. Usually when you notify the hosting company you will get results in about 24 hours or less. I have had some of my other sites hacked before and they have left there name thinking haha but I used this method found the hosting company and shut down their sites completely. So this was a very good question and it is important to protect your work after all you all work very hard on your blogs.

I hope this helps have a great rest of the week ๐Ÿ™‚


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BlogDumps News

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Well, we are back home and we had a great time on our vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

The top sites problem with the spammers has been fixed, now they cannot manipulate the script any longer. Make sure to have your friends and readers click your BlogDumps buttons- each click will only count once, one click from one IP address. Top Sites on the front page was always supposed to be that way but, as always, the spammers find a way to manipulate things.

I think I have mentioned that we have opened blog registrations again and there have been a lot of new blogs created. The new default theme is really nice so if you do not want to mess around trying to change things up it’s ready to go with a nice look to it. Remember, to all of you that want an adult blog that is not allowed here. This is a family friendly site and will stay that way!

So it’s back to the grind stone…LOL We are working on some new things for the site and hope to bring them to you this Spring but for now have fun and enjoy BlogDumps. I will be doing the Saturday Funnies and Sunday Music posts again so if you would like to have your blog linked to one of these upload and share your Funny Video or favorite music to BlogDumps “B Tubed” here.

TGIF have a great Friday!


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So you want to be a blogger? Already a blogger and feel like you’re stuck somewhere with no freedom to do what you want on your own blog? Come get a blog on BlogDumps!

That’s right! This week only Blog registrations are open again ๐Ÿ™‚ The crew here at BlogDumps are looking for serious bloggers that want to have a blog where they are not limited or charged if you want adds on your blog.

BlogDumps is on dedicated servers with server techs 24-7. Need help? We are always here to help so don’t worry, you can get a hold of us (Trina and Wolfbernz) directly – not someone who says “Let me check on that.” We own the site and if you need us we will put our people to work to help you if you have an issue.

Get a free Blog set up on a WordPress blog platform.
If you blog for fun, great! Blog about whatever. If you are blogging for dollars and want to have adds on your blog, it’s ok too! The only thing we don’t allow is any type of nasty or porn stuf, nor do we allow links to another site that links to porn. There are many places on the web for that and this is a family site.

So don’t delay, as you all know Trina and I are traveling in Mexico and we have had sporadic internet connections but we are staying here in La Cruz for the next week so I can monitor what is going on with the new blogs.

So that’s it, just click on the link on the link bar above that says create a blog and get started today ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great day

PS. Top Sites Tuesday will be on posted February 4th and we’ll see who wins this next week on the 8th! I say it’s an easy topic but Trina says “I don’t think so.” So we will see what comes next week. After this Top Sites Tuesday we set sail again so the post will be up a while ๐Ÿ™‚

Crusing The Pacific

Well we finished getting the sailboat ready and we have moved into the aft cabin of a nice cruiser.

Everything has gone well so far it’s great out here in So Cal in the warm weather, we have started our trip and it’s a lot of fun. I thought we would never get a vacation ever again…LOL

I have heard it has been cold and windy at home I cant say I miss the cold but I do Miss the kids… Go Figure and the youngest is 20 years of age!

So I am going to take some photos and do a photo post of the boat and while we are cruising I will try to have it up at the next place that has Wi Fi ๐Ÿ™‚

So off we go make sure to leave a comment and a link to your latest post so we can stop by and visit.

Have a great weekend!

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Saturday At The Dump… Wolf Where Are You?

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This week sure went fast…

I didn’t get a chance to post anything since the beginning of this week, it has been nuts around here!

First, we had a big storm go through here a few days ago and wiped out one of my windmills here on the farm. Talk about scary a giant ninja star ready to go flying at any moment! But in those high winds all you can do is watch it blow itself to pieces. I didn’t get to clock the wind but it was blowing harder than I have seen around here since the last hurricane, it lasted about 8 hours and then throughout the morning it slowly died down.

That wasn’t even the fun part we went to get the lift to go up there and take the remaining parts down and when we were loading it onto the trailer I got my hand smashed between the tractor and the hitch of the trailer, it’s ok now just a little blue (ie: no posting on blog)

So we decided to go to dinner late, no cooking it was too late, so I – Mister Energy Conscious – turned out all the lights, turned around to walk out the door and tripped over that dog-gone easy chair and catapulted myself down the hallway (ie No posting in the blog… licking wounds… Timber, my dog helping… LOL)

So here it is Saturday and I wanted to do the post for the Saturday funnies and the phone rings and my Daughter-in-law and grandson were stranded at breakfast. The car was broke down. So I jumped in the truck and off I went to go get them. I got the car started and took everyone home and then it was off to AutoZone to have the diagnostic codes run to see what is wrong with the car. Turns out that it was just the battery so we got a new one and we installed it checked everything over, we filled the fluids and now all is well they have a working car again ๐Ÿ™‚

So now, here I am I finally get to sit down and do my blog post. I really feel for the guy in this video, I can really relate to his luck it seems as though mine has been this way for the last week. I should have left for California already and I want to be home with my sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews for Thanksgiving but it looks as though I might miss that too ๐Ÿ™ What is one to do? Ah another latte with whipped cream flavored vodka and whipped cream on top that should do it…LOL Ever feel trapped… I gotta get outta here!!! (is that English?) So I’m hope to leave for SoCal and make it by Thursday.

Check this guy out… I feel his pain!

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Have a great weekend,

PS: Why does Life have to get in the way of my Blogging?

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BlogDumps News and Saturday Funnies

Hi all, it has been a few days since we have posted but it has been real busy around here – we are trying to finally get everyone added to the directory but some blogs may have to wait until we get to the next port when we land. If you want to be added right away to a category please go here to get in front of the line. OK, so it costs a couple dollars, but every dollar helps keep the servers humming and the programmers happy.

Everything else is on time and on track except the .css changes we are making in IE for the B Tubed part of BlogDumps that seems to be taking toooo long for me. I almost think we need some real change in this department but they keep asking me what and I haven’t figured it out yet, any ideas????? Leave them in the comments, I’m game let’s do it!

There are new sponsors on the front page of BlogDumps so make sure to click around and check them out we want them to be happy and get some readers and stay awhile ๐Ÿ™‚

Not much else to report, Oh yeah we changed the back up time to 3am Eastern Time US for all BlogDumps Bloggers you all seem to get on the site at the same time in the mornings and when we do the data back ups it slows down the site so we are doing them when you all “Should be sleeping” ๐Ÿ™‚

BlogDumps funnies – check this one out it was uploaded to B Tubed

Have a great Saturday!

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