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It has been a great week here on BlogDumps 🙂

Older Eyes won this weeks Top Site Tuesday. Make sure to visit his nice blog it’s a great read.

If you would like to get in on the fun, the Top Sites Tuesday check in post goes up on Mondays!

We have been working hard on the site. I will be uploading more avatars to the discussion forum for those who don’t want to use their photos. If you are a part of the discussion forum please update your profiles. There is a place to add all your blog info and your favorite media, I also added a place for your blogging friends to leave comment on your profile wall so give it a try you can customize your profile page too. The discussion forum gets thousands of hits a month so it’s a great place to announce your blog or start a discussion and gain some readers.

I have had to clean out some of the spam blogs that have been created this last week on BlogDumps Bloggers. I may have to implement some extra measures or start moderating and then approving each… Got to love them spammers!!!

I do want to welcome all of you that have created a blog here on BlogDumps. I noticed that some of you have got started but stopped so if you are having some trouble or need help just let me know, I am here to help.

Have a great rest of the week! The best part of today is that tomorrow is Friday and then it’s finally the weekend!


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