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Saturday Morning – Home Video

Well I have to apologize, I have only one thought on my mind this morning “Hurricane Surf” Yes it passed and left us with a big swell so the surf will be great so I am off to the beach…

I will see you all at the Saturday Night Dump!
Make sure to stop by and see who gets dumped!

Check out this funny home video uploaded to B Tubed!

Have a great Saturday


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Friday Funnies

I know I missed the Thursday news but as you all have heard we are trying to have a hurricane!
It isn’t going to happen and that’s because I prepared the Farm for anything that may or could have happened… LOL

In the news this week there is not much to report other than we have had record numbers as far as visitors go so if you haven’t joined the community now is a great time with traffic up it’s a great time to join and get some new readers to your blog.

I really enjoyed this weeks Top Sites Tuesday… I won this week, thank you all I have never won before 🙂
If you haven’t played give it a try this upcoming week we have a good time and it’s nice to get together each week with blogging friends and enjoy each other posts… Who knows your blog could be number one!

I know I said Friday Funnies but I thought I would throw the news in there real quick!

This is a funny video so enjoy and have a great Friday!

Gun Control…


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It’s Finally Friday

Time to hit the beach and have some fun 🙂

You all know I love to surf so I thought I would share this surfing video! Check out the big surf! It’s awesome…

I went to Assateague Island with my son last week we had a blast. The water was still cold for some reason though!

Have a great Friday


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Friday Funnies

I hope you all had a great week Thanks to all of you that joined in the Birthday bash it was a lot of fun!

AngelBaby has won Top Sites Tuesday this week and since it came with a winner getting a “I took a dump on BlogDumps T-Shirt” I will be sending it out shortly. Congrats to you AngelBaby!

Enjoy this weeks funnies and TGIF!

Have a good weekend

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Happy Father’s Day 2010

Happy Father’s day to all of you Dads out there!

I hope you all enjoy your special day with your family and friends.

Don’t forget about all the dads in the armed forces that are not home this weekend! It must be really difficult for a dad not to be home with his family on Father’s day.

So to all of you Dads out there I made this video for you and your family I hope you enjoy it 😀
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Saturday Funnies

I know it’s a holiday weekend and all the dads would be watching sports so I thought I would post this video commercial and see how many remember this one… LOL

If you do leave it in the comments and make sure to Tweet it if you use Twitter. It would be nice to have some more of the BlogDumps community join in the fun here on the Saturday Funnies, so if you have a funny video please join BlogDumps B Tubed and upload it. Some videos that have been sent to you by a friend may have a copyright codec and it may not upload so if you have trouble uploading that is probably why. It would be great if you have some funny home videos to share 😀 Continue reading Saturday Funnies

Saturday Funnies

It’s beautiful day outside and we’re off to enjoy my Grandson’s first Birthday Party! It’s a barnyard theme and guaranteed to be fun!

Today’s funnies are brought to you by Daisy the Curly Cat. She’s got an excellent blog full of cat fashion and tons of photos! Here’s a video she uploaded to BlogDumps Video – it’s too funny!

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The Saturday Funnies

I hope you all are having a great weekend, it’s a beautiful sunny day here 8)

I found this video and thought it was so funny, I was laughing so hard I almost screwed up the upload to B Tubed. If you find a funny video, upload it to BlogDumps B Tubed and I will use it on my Saturday Funnies post and put a link to your blog as the blogger who uploaded the video. Continue reading The Saturday Funnies

In The News

Thank you all for participating in Top Sites Tuesday! This weeks winner was Nancy She has a wonderful blog Coffee Break? and is a great asset to the community – make sure to stop by and visit her! Thanks for making it a fun place to hang out and have fun. Have a great week Nancy 🙂

Just in case you missed this in the news the other day I thought I would share it… LOL
If you come out to the farm I can’t say this will not happen to your car… Yes, we have a Chesapeake retriever amongst the wolves I think he is all mouth and that’s it! If I were the owner of this dog I would have come out and said “He’s just playing” LOL Continue reading In The News