In The News

Thank you all for participating in Top Sites Tuesday! This weeks winner was Nancy She has a wonderful blog Coffee Break? and is a great asset to the community – make sure to stop by and visit her! Thanks for making it a fun place to hang out and have fun. Have a great week Nancy 🙂

Just in case you missed this in the news the other day I thought I would share it… LOL
If you come out to the farm I can’t say this will not happen to your car… Yes, we have a Chesapeake retriever amongst the wolves I think he is all mouth and that’s it! If I were the owner of this dog I would have come out and said “He’s just playing” LOL

Check out these funny pranks on April fools… I love the Grim reaper part – look at their faces!

Well, Spring is here and it is time to get in the mood for some fun in the sun. We are going to have a big bonfire this Friday… After all the snow and rain we have a lot of branches and brush to burn 🙂 I don’t think we’ll get as crazy as in the video but we will have a good time in the nice weather and start this season off right!

BlogDumps is just humming along. Some of you have written that you can’t access your new blogs, each new blog has to be approved. I know, what a pain, but we keep out the robots and spammers that way. If you have created a blog and haven’t been able to access it yet we are going to be caught up today and everyone’s will be activated. Thanks for your patients and understanding, Enjoy your new blog 😀

Have a great April Fools Day!