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Richter Studios Video Production Services

I was looking around the web and I came upon a cool site. If you aren’t one to do your own video production you might want to check it out. This is for someone looking for Video Production Service. A corporate, training, trade show, recruitment, marketing, sales, tv or promotional video or just to document your process and procedures.If you need actors, lighting or studio time, Richter Studios can shoot in any format from any location. The nice part is if you already have the footage, but need that special post-production touch to bring out the magic their world class editors and animators are there to help. The range of this company includes 2D graphics, 3D animations, text treatments, logo animations, stylized effects and animation wizardry. They have an award winning team can make your video production an attention-grabbing masterpiece! I looked into all this because one of my friends was looking to have a dvd made.

They can give your presentations that extra touch! If you are trying to get a new client and you are Trying to win a bid, Richter Studios is there to help. They have been creating presentations for over 10 years. From custom presentations for multi-million dollar bids, to enterprise-based presentation delivery to simple PowerPoint decks, Their in-house teams have extensive experience in taking your message and creating visually stunning, state-of-the-art presentations. To date they have helped their clients win an astonishing one billion dollars in new sales. In fact, they have even created their own presentation based software for those clients who want to really stand out!

Do you need interactive help? Is your website still a 1.0 presence? Having Flash difficulties? Need a CD or DVD programming and production expert? Richter Studios can deliver on multiple levels and in multiple formats. They have been creating interactive content from simple Flash animations to 1+ million CD productions to web 2.0 websites for the last decade. They can even implement tracking/metric solutions on CD based content. Be it PHP, SQL, Lingo, Action Script, HTML, XML, ASP or any of the other programming languages out there.

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