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Friday News On BlogDumps

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Wow, I can’t stand the spammers. I have tried the captcha and I agree with everyone, I don’t like it either.
I have been getting so much spam it’s crazy!

This weeks Top Sites Tuesday was fun, Thanks for joining us 🙂
There was a record number of visitors to the blog from Monday to today so I hope you all had some new visitors!

The Winner of this weeks Top Sites Tuesday is Bud (aka Older Eyes) He has a great blog and it is a must read on your blog surfing so make sure to stop by, when you do leave a comment bloggers love comments 🙂

The news for BlogDumps this week is I have been working on the front page so it makes for a better home page for those that use BlogDumps. The web search is just the same as Google’s search but if you want to support BlogDumps make it your home page and use the web search, BlogDumps gets paid for all the clicks on the sponsored links. The front page has a lot of quick links to all your favorite social sites and email I just added Ebay to the list. if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments and I will add the link you want to the front page. The weather has been added a few weeks ago and it is not just for Delaware you can add you zip code in the search box and get your local weather. I hope you all like the new front page I am trying to make it a convenient start page with all the links we need in one place instead of trying to open multiple pages and eliminate having to type in the address bar. I like to just click with my mouse…LOL

I added the BlogDumps Mini Video Player and it will play one of the videos off of B Tubed each day. I though this would be kind of cool and it would add something fun to the front page also. Today’s was a Felix The Cat cartoon remember those 🙂 they were great!

I also added quick links to the BlogDumps Features make sure to try them they are free and are very useful. The BlogDumps IM I am sure you will like so give it a whirl you can download it here.

Make sure if you would like to get in on the Saturday Video Post before the Saturday Night Dump goes up join B Tubed and upload some videos I will use them and give you a link to your blog as the one who uploaded it. The same goes for the Sunday music post so stop by B Tubed and join today it’s fun easy and spam free. You can customize your own page layout too!

I hope you all have a great Friday night!