Sunday Music Is Back!

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I haven’t done one for a while now and it’s time to get back into the swing of things around here!

We have enjoyed our time off so much words cannot explain it, but after all the things we did and went through to get the sailboat to Puerto Vallarta, and have a blast doing this trip, I think this music fits very well. I am sure you will agree if you read my last weeks Top Sites Tuesday Post on

So we are headed out to the hotel by the airport and from there we leave out Tuesday morning to fly back to the farm on the Eastern Shore 🙂

We have already begun to get back to work, Blog registrations are open again and the new default theme is awesome. BlogDumps Bloggers is also on the latest stable version of WordPress. BlogDumps is on dedicated servers with round the clock server techs so no worries! Blog about whatever you wish just no nasty stuff, there are many other places for that! Have some fun and join us here in the BlogDumps community 🙂

So here it is Sunday music and I find this so fitting!

Upload your favorite music and I will link the Sunday Music Post to your Blog!

PS: For those who want to be ready for this weeks Top Site Tuesday the theme is “Two Thoughts On Tuesday” Share your thought with the community 🙂

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