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It’s been another great week here on BlogDumps, I hope all of you have had a good one! Once the rain stopped here on the Delmarva Peninsula we have been able to actually enjoy these beautiful Spring days!!

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I am so glad it’s Friday I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you at The Dump Saturday Night!
Make sure to stop by you never know who might get dumped!

Well, it’s time to go out, it’s finally warming up around here on the Easter shore I am going to leave you with a Hard Rockin’ Friday night song to enjoy!!!

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Happy Friday!
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Carrie Underwood, An American Idol.

Carrie Underwood is now a member of the Grand Ole Opry. She made an appearance on American Idol gives back singing “Praying for Time”. It took less than 24 hr. for it to hit Number three. Carrie opened the 2008 CMA Awards with “Last Name” and won Female vocalist once again. Carrie was back on American Idol for the finale and “Last Name” went to the top of the country charts. That makes Three #1s from Carnival Ride and a total of Seven consecutive singles to hit the top spot. Now That’s impresive! Carrie Underwood finished her tour with Keith Urban in April and fans just loved it. The title of the tour was a combination of album titles – Carrie’s “Carnival Ride” & Keith’s “Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing”. Well I would think so… Both great artists together on stage!

Carrie’s new album has sold over three million copies making her the best selling female. Carrie also toured with Josh Turner. I am sure it will be more then that in no time though.

With smash hits like “Before He Cheats,” “Some Hearts,” “Don’t Forget To Remember Me,” and “Jesus Take the Wheel” her concerts are sure to entertain fans. Then, of course, there’s her latest album full of hits.

I guess it would be fun to go see the best American Idol ever. Carrie is touring the US so you have to ask yourself why you haven’t seen her. If you have seen her you will no doubt want to see her again. So if you are ready to go get your Carrie Underwood Tickets Today!

Have a great day

Sunday Music

Normally I play some nice soft Sunday Music but I found this and, well, it fits the mood.
The song is by Metallica, Yes I know they rock! I have seen them three times in concert!

Really listen to the message in the song, they also did a great job on the video too. I think it’s time for change and peace in our little World… Can it be achived? Of course we must make this our biggest challenge and goal. Get rid of government that doesn’t want peace. Remember “We The People”? Yep that’s us we need to elect people into office that are for peace not war or war for oil.

I don’t mean to stand on the soap box on a Sunday but it is our responsability to really look at the real issues at hand and elect the right people into office this time.

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Have a wonderful Sunday.

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