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The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band On Sunday Music

As a young artist Kenny Wayne Shepard was so impressive and he still is. I was living in Southeast Texas at the time when he started out and he was definitely the man at the time. I enjoy his music, it’s not your basic rock and roll it’s kind of a mix of southern rock and the blues. His early music reminded me a young Stevie Ray Vaughan.

This weeks Sunday music was uploaded by FishHawk.
He has a great Christian Blog and has been in the community for some time now, he has uploaded a lot of new songs for everyone to listen to 🙂 Thanks for being a part of the community!

Make sure to visit FishHawk on his blog and leave a comment after all it is the nice thing to do!

If you like the music then you should check out FishHawk’s great blog he even add the lyrics to some so you can read what they are. Some are so hard to understand sometimes so this makes it nice!

Have a great Sunday!

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Happy Friday!

It’s been a long hot week here on the Delmarva Peninsula. But, today is Friday and that means that the work week is over and nothing else matters! LOL

While I was checking out B Tubed and getting the code for this song I noticed there have been quite a few new members and would like to say, Welcome to BlogDumps B Tubed! Have fun and enjoy uploading and sharing all your music, videos, and photos. B Tubed is a great place for all that and keeping in touch with friends! Oh and Did I mention there’s games?


Happy Friday Everyone!

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Thursday Night Jam Uncle Kracker

Wow it’s been some time since I have done one of these but it is definitely in order for today!
First I would like to say thanks to all that participated in this weeks Top Sites Tuesday!
This weeks winner is Babble Break A Big Congrats to AY 🙂

I am in a much better state of mind, we finally put to rest the incident with my son and his family. My son , his wife and the baby are all fine but if certain departments had done a better and much more complete investigation we would have not had to go through all this mess. And it would have been a hell of a lot cheaper Hiring the best expert doctors in the country, this not a cheap thing to do. I am not going to get into all the gory details but I can say that one of our own, a blogger, was more helpful to my family and was there to lend a hand just to do it.

I can say in all the years blogging, bloggers a just a bunch of cool people and I am proud to be right here with all of you. If you would like to know more about what Zabeth does and what she blogs about you can read more on her blog. I think the main atrocity in this whole matter is what do you people do that have no resources and do not have a family team to back them up? Do they just get sent up the river with out the paddle!? I will, when I get a chance, write a full post on the whole incident on Wrongblog I definitely think it fits my other blog well for this type of topic. Thank you all for your support and kindness, I can finally take a breath and get back to what I want to do it has been a long seven months. And Zabeth you rock in my book I could never thank you enough 😀 She has a blog her link is on the front page Medical Misdiagnosis Research
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BlogDumps Sunday Music

Brought to you by Liggy from Liggyz Dreamz you do remember this song? Oh come on you know it!
Where were you when this song came out? leave it in the comments 8)

Make sure to visit Liggy’s blog it’s great you will be glad you did, she is awesome!

Liggy uploaded a few songs so I am going to ad a popular Shed54 tune remixed with a harder, grungier sound for all you rockers out there. Rock on Liggy

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Have a great Sunday,


Sunday Spring Madness Music

OMG, it is so nice outside! I hope this isn’t just a tease and winter is really gone…

I am ready to head to the beach already and get some sun and fun in the ocean 🙂

This is what I’m talking about!

This song was uploaded by Liggy on B Tubed she has a cool blog with some great music reviews so make sure to visit her 🙂

Join BlogDumps B Tubed it’s fun easy and not full of spam. B Tubed is a great place to store and host all your favorite videos, music and photos. Keep in touch with friends, share music and more 🙂

Have a great Sunday and remember this week is Top Sites Tuesday #52 the theme is “Reflections of the last Year” I hope you all join us.


Happy Valentines Day!

I was looking around B Tubed for a nice song for Valentines Day – there were more then I expected in the love tags. While I was looking around I found this one it was uploaded by AngelBaby of Your Caring Angels.

I was going to put up a mushy song of some sort, but that’s not how I roll so I really think this one is best.
This song seems to fit the day. The way I look at Valentines Day is it’s not about the dollar and how much you spent on the person you love, it’s all about how much you care and how much you will be there for each other no matter what… That’s the way I see it. If I have to prove it only once a year then the relationship, to me, is not very strong to begin with. Sure a card to say “I love you” is nice but going out and spending a bunch of money just because the different industries and media say to is… Well, you see where I am going with this.

Now I am not a Valentines Scrooge, but I think this is something we should show all year long as we go through our daily lives, it builds a stronger relationship. Sure flowers are nice but they die away while showing love and support toward each other lasts a lifetime.

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Happy Valentines Day 🙂
PS. I really wanted to make the rounds to say “Happy Valentines Day” to everyone but I am working like mad between snow storms…

. . .

BlogDumps Sunday Music

Ah Sunday! Time to sleep in and relax after a hard week! It snowed big time here. I don’t know the exact amount but I had to plow the lane two times with the tractor. I am guessing six to eight inches of the white stuff here on the farm. It always amazes me how much the wolves love the snow, they love it and I am freezing go figure!

Timber, the farm dog, followed me all over behind and in front of the tractor in full blizzard, running through the snow like a child diving into the deep parts nose first and coming out of a drift covered with a big grin on her face.

I hope you all are having a good weekend – Trina said this song was perfect for my Sunday post… Where is your mind… I guess I am as bad as the wolves – it snows and I am bundled up they’re tagging along behind and out the door we go with the question following behind me “Where are you going” I just chuckle and say to myself “We are out to tear up some snow with the tractor and have some fun…”

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Christmas on Sunday Music

We are having a blast in the snow here on the East Coast! I am so happy that we’re actually having a white Christmas this year! It’s wonderful! All the Christmas lights look amazing reflecting in the snow that has fully encompassed us.

Happy Holidays!

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