Sunday Music With The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

I really like Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s music ๐Ÿ™‚

At a very young age he was a great artist almost breaking the sound barrier with his southern style rock. He was born Kenny Wayne Brobst, on June 12, 1977, Shreveport, Louisiana, that’s where he gets all that soul in his music I am sure!

I am sure his influences had to be people like Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King, others that played this style for him to play it so well and make it sound so good.

When we were on vacation this last winter there was a young teen named Zach on a yacht next to us that we buddy boated with and he could play Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and some Kenny Wayne Shepherd among others. It was cool to wake up in the morning to hear him jamming some cool tunes he too was starting young I can only imagine how well he will play in a few more years.

This song was uploaded by FishHawk, he has a great blog and some good taste in music so make sure to visit his blog and check him out here… You will be glad you did!

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It’s off to church and time to play with the Grandson, Jacob, he is turning two this year on May 15! I am not that old I just had kids young… LOL

Have a great Sunday,


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Music With The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band”

  1. LOVE this! I never knew of Kenny Wayne Shepherd until I stumbled across “Blue on Black” and it was a song that got my blood pumping. Funny that I didn’t explore much more by KWS after that, but I sure will now. I need some of his music on my iPod!

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