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Merry Christmas

We just finished our Christmas Eve Dinner and are about to all be snug in our beds – patiently awaiting Santa Claus! Yeah Right! I never patiently awaited Santa – ask anyone here, I’m nosy and slightly impatient. LOL I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face as they open the present I got. I tried really hard to be practical this year and get everyone things they would actually use for a while instead of the remote control cars that are dead after 2 days.

Speaking of presents, I have a few presents to announce here on BlogDumps! These bloggers all get a BlogDumps T-shirt for being the top 5 sites sending traffic today at noon. Drum Roll Please!

Coffee Break?
Download Rapidshare
All About Me

If your blog is on this list Please drop us a comment so we can get your mailing address by email -we’ll try to contact you, but some of you really hide your contact buttons well!

Thank you all for all your hard work and steady Blogging! Without you, BlogDumps would be just another site on the web!

Here’s some Christmas music! Who but Faith Hill could sing “parrump-pum-pum-puuumm” so elegantly!?!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
–Trina and Wolfbernz
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Saturday at the Dump!

Another great week around here at BlogDumps I am going to have to get busy and add all the new Bloggers. There has been an average of 4 to 5 new blogs added each day to the blog directory… have decided this has become a viral thing now. A blogger sees the link and then joins. I was astounded when the server statistics said that BlogDumps buttons files are called 95,000 times an hour I thought, “What the? No that has to be a mistake.” — but it’s correct. So I guess it’s just a matter of time and we’ll have a real community going here…YEA! I have always wanted BlogDumps to be a cool place for bloggers to hangout.

I have created a BlogDumps Store this week. One of my blogger friends needed some help so I thought, “What the heck! I’ll make one for BlogDumps and then I can zip through and lend a hand.” Stop by the BlogDumps store – you can get all kinds of cool items, I used the new BlogDumps logo on The T-shirts Etc… So if you want to help with the cost of running BlogDumps, visit our new Store.

I am going to be handing out awards to some of the most outstanding BlogDumps community members.
I am not the best at making awards but this is it.

I am going to give this award to the most loyal and supportive bloggers – some that have been with BlogDumps since the beginning. I know this isn’t much but it is my way of saying Thanks!

And the awards go to (simply copy and paste the above code in your sidebar if you are a winner):

  • Outside my Brain – thanks for helping get the discussion forum going
  • Nafcom’s Crap Blog -thanks for helping us in the very beginning with coding and understanding that what works on Internet Explorer does not work on Firefox or Opera.
  • Musings of a Chick -thank you for supporting BlogDumps from the begining and displaying the Saturday Night Blogroll
  • Terri Terri Quite Contrary – we have enjoyed watching you grow as a blogger in the last two years and are grateful that you were one of the first bloggers on BlogDumps Blog Directory
  • Your Caring Angels– To my wonderful sister blogging just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have your blog to hijack and I appreciate all the help you give me testing new things here
  • Coffee Break?– Thank you for being one of the first BlogDumps Bloggers and thank you for supporting us. You are a treasure to us!
  • I Eat Snowman Poop – LMAO I went to check in on you and saw the video of your son licking the glass! CLASSIC!

Don’t see your blog? Stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

Happy Saturday!

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Thursday Thirteen

The new BlogDumps Instant Messenger we have been working on is awesome!

I have been having so much fun with this… I know it’s supposed to be work but this is just too much fun. All my family and friends have downloaded it and we are able to talk and see each other, send photo files instantly etc… And the best part is I don’t have AIM popping up with all the advertisements and a webpage in my face on login.

I hope all of you give this a try. Now that it is working so well you will see download links around BlogDumps.

So if you are into having some worldwide fun on the web, talk to all your friends and family across the world for FREE! Yes, I said free! Download the BIM now and start having fun.

I know it is Thursday Thirteen I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to write one – but, now that I think of it, I can think of Thirteen cool ways to enjoy BlogDumps!

1. You can dump your blog Get listed in the BlogDumps Directory.
2. Add your link on the directory’s daily link dump.
3. Get your blog featured and reviewed.
4. Join the Discussion and help forum, announce your blog and create your BlogDumps profile.
5. Surf the BlogDumps directory and visit cool blogs.
5. Add a make me number one button to your blog and get in on the top sites blog posts.
6. Get your own blog right here on BlogDumps with the latest WP platform.
7. Dowload the BlogDumps Instant messenger, send text, audio/video and files to all your friends. Or join in the cool chat rooms that have audio and video chat.
8. Join BlogDumps video create you own video albums from around the web, upload all your videos.music and photos and embed them on your blog. Pimp your own page!
9. Go Mobile with BlogDumps.Mobi and get free ringtones and more.
10. Join the BlogDumps Entrecard list and get your bog feed added to the Directory page and the blog post
11. Make BlogDumps.com your start page it has all the quick links for bloggers to get where they need to go and has google search. it’s the best blogger start page on the web… Maybe the only blogger start page, I dont know of another.
12. create your own BlogDUmps Button and submit it to us and we will add it to the buttons page and give you credit and a link from the buttons page
13.Join the BlogDumps Affiliate program and earn money for refuring people to use our sevices. Low payouts means you get paid fast.

Best of all Just enjoy my site I have worked on this for years to make this a fun site for bloggers and non bloggers alike so that BlogDumps will bring bloggers and blog readers together in a high quality blog promotion

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Submit your blog and Get Featured and a mini review!

Happy TT!

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Don’t Forget To Vote Tuesday!

It has been a cold rainy day here on The Eastern Shore…

I have been working on the latest version of the BlogDumps IM (instant messenger) Now not only will you be able to video or audio chat or just instant message your friends, but you will be able to send files also.

So if you have a loved one and are chating with them accross the country and want to send them a picture file or whatever you will now be able to – the new download should be ready in the next day or so. That’s the news around here… Don’t forget to vote!!!

It is Top Sites Tuesday so here they are:

Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:



images.google.hu Huh?








If you would like to join in the BlogDumps community just Submit Your Blog Here!

Make sure to get around and visit all of these blogs.

Have a Great Week

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Punkin Chunkin Saturday

Where else but Sussex County, Delaware, would there be a festival called Punkin Chunkin?

If you’ve never heard of this before, let me enlighten you a bit. A bunch of crazy rednecks get together and launch 8 pound pumpkins through the air, as far as they can. And no, they aren’t throwing them by hand, these guys make all kinds of contraptions from catapults to gigantic air cannons! It’s awesome! Some contestants are all about the show and others are all about the chunk!

We’re going tomorrow, so look for pictures and more on Wrongblog this week.

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out these blogs, they were the top blogs sending traffic to BlogDumps Today!


Happy Saturday!

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Saturday Dump

Happy Saturday!!!

We’re having a few storms coming up the East Coast that are providing us some much needed rain. Gotta Love Rain-outs! I get more time to blog and clean up the site.

I have been cleaning out all the dead blog links from the categories and checking for reciprocal links… So if you find you have been deleted from the blog directory just re-submit your blog but make sure the BlogDumps link is visible somewhere in your sidebar. We humanly edit all links to the BlogDumps directory and it makes it so much easier to check them this way. Make sure if you have updated your blog theme that you add the BlogDumps button back onto your blog we will be cleaning up the directory this week.

If anyone has been removed by accident just re-submit your blog, and I will put you back in the category of your choice… Not That I will admit to making any mistakes! I am a man and will not assume responsibility for my actions… LOL

I am also working on some forum mods too. Make sure to add your Two cents there is plenty to discuss in the discussion forum.

I have been working on BlogDumps Video too. Come join the fun, make friends, send emails, upload photos and videos. I am sure you will enjoy all the amenities BlogDumps Video has to offer.

Saturday’s Hot Blogs on BlogDumps.com Today:
Have you been Dumped?

Art by Karie-Ann
I Fashion Hits
Nafcom’s Crap Blog
Blog Catalog’s Blog
You Betta Recognize
Emmsy Stuff.com
Terri Terri
Rapid Share Quicklinks

Want in on the hot blog posts Just Submit your blog today!

Come back Later and read about the featured Saturday Blog Pink Renegade!

Make Money with BlogDumps!
Become an Affiliate!

Have a Great Saturday!


Well, at least this is better than playing Online Poker or trying to Win the Jackpot on a casino Site… or is it? hehehe

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BlogDumps does Entrecard!

In case you haven’t noticed, BlogDumps has joined the world of Entrecard.

Trina Loves it! I really think she’s gotten addicted to the whole visit a blog and drop a card thing. She has it down to a science – not sure what the method is, maybe she’ll post it here for all of you!

We were surprised at that many people that link to BlogDumps and have an an Entrecard!

So, in an effort to recognize you all again, if you have dropped your link on BlogDumps and you have an Entrecard on your site, leave a comment on this post. We will add your Blog Name to the following List and make an attempt to drop cards and buy adverts from you before we drop on or buy adverts from other Entrecard users.

Our Favorite Entrecards:

The Aging Disco Diva
Clark’s Picks
I’ll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book!
Musings of a Chick
Linky Love
Diet Pulpit
Amreekia min Bab Al Sharayah
Your Caring Angels
How to Earn Money Blogging
Stir The Caldron
Who Link to Me?
Worldwide Travel Blog
Billion Dollar Baloney
Exploring the Realities of Events
Get Paid Now
Fickle Minded
Art By Thomas

And, just in case you didn’t see our Entrecard in the side bar, on the front page of BlogDumps, or in the category pages of BlogDumps, here’s another spot to drop your card!

We would also like to request some recommendations for Entrecard – If you recommend us we will return the favor and write a recommendation for your site!

Have a great evening!