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Relaxing Sunday

I always like Sunday’s! My favorite is to wake up get a cup of coffee and watch Sunday Morning.
Thinking about it, I have done this for so long and can’t remember when I started it, I can say I have been watching since Charles Kerault was the anchor man. It was great this morning they had Steve Martin on, he is so funny and they showed some other comedians also, it was great!

On another note I have come up with an idea that will be great but I will need all the bloggers across the United States to participate in order for it to be a success.

I have created a web presence on the internet and I want to do something good with it.

Bloggers Help America

It’s all about Bloggers coming together to help America.

We have Millions of bloggers in the United States, last I heard it was between 11 and 15 million, how many people can we feed and help save from disaster in their lives if we all banded together and gave a buck to Bloggers Help America? We could help feed the hungry, save a family and kids from ending up on the street! I want everyone to participate.

There will be a page set up just for this listing the money raised and who donated with a link to their blog and you will be able to proudly display the badge on your blog.

Also we will make decisions together I will set up polls and ask for people to comment and become invested in this process not just give and forget! I hope all of you will join me and lets show how powerful little ‘ole bloggers can be.

All the best,

I hope you all are having a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by.

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We Are Proud of You Sandy!

Our very own Work at Home Mom Blogger has been named one of WE magazines 101 Women Bloggers To Watch For in the Fall 2008 Issue. Go check out the article at We Magazines Women bloggers to watch fall-2008!

They listed her blog Home Party Business Plan with Sandy Sopin, and guess what? That blog is hosted right here on BlogDumps! We are so proud of you and your hard work Sandy!

On her About Me, Sandy says:

“My Name is Sandy and I have been helping women for years to start their own businesses, I can help you too. The tips and advice I give here is everything I have learned through the years, not to say it will work for you, but, it has worked for me. If you want lots more information on starting your own Home Party Plan Business, please visit my website at

We’ve been watching Sandy’s blogs for a long time here and have always enjoyed reading everything she has to write – *Ah-hem* Even her emails LOL! 😉

On her blog Being a work at Home Mom is a 24/7 Job, Sandy gave us an award which we are proud to display on our sidebar!

Thank you for being an awesome blogger and for doing it on BlogDumps! Because you are doing so well we are giving you an award too! Just copy the code and place it in your sidebar if you wish.

All the best,
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Saturday at the Dump!

Another great week around here at BlogDumps I am going to have to get busy and add all the new Bloggers. There has been an average of 4 to 5 new blogs added each day to the blog directory… have decided this has become a viral thing now. A blogger sees the link and then joins. I was astounded when the server statistics said that BlogDumps buttons files are called 95,000 times an hour I thought, “What the? No that has to be a mistake.” — but it’s correct. So I guess it’s just a matter of time and we’ll have a real community going here…YEA! I have always wanted BlogDumps to be a cool place for bloggers to hangout.

I have created a BlogDumps Store this week. One of my blogger friends needed some help so I thought, “What the heck! I’ll make one for BlogDumps and then I can zip through and lend a hand.” Stop by the BlogDumps store – you can get all kinds of cool items, I used the new BlogDumps logo on The T-shirts Etc… So if you want to help with the cost of running BlogDumps, visit our new Store.

I am going to be handing out awards to some of the most outstanding BlogDumps community members.
I am not the best at making awards but this is it.

I am going to give this award to the most loyal and supportive bloggers – some that have been with BlogDumps since the beginning. I know this isn’t much but it is my way of saying Thanks!

And the awards go to (simply copy and paste the above code in your sidebar if you are a winner):

  • Outside my Brain – thanks for helping get the discussion forum going
  • Nafcom’s Crap Blog -thanks for helping us in the very beginning with coding and understanding that what works on Internet Explorer does not work on Firefox or Opera.
  • Musings of a Chick -thank you for supporting BlogDumps from the begining and displaying the Saturday Night Blogroll
  • Terri Terri Quite Contrary – we have enjoyed watching you grow as a blogger in the last two years and are grateful that you were one of the first bloggers on BlogDumps Blog Directory
  • Your Caring Angels– To my wonderful sister blogging just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have your blog to hijack and I appreciate all the help you give me testing new things here
  • Coffee Break?– Thank you for being one of the first BlogDumps Bloggers and thank you for supporting us. You are a treasure to us!
  • I Eat Snowman Poop – LMAO I went to check in on you and saw the video of your son licking the glass! CLASSIC!

Don’t see your blog? Stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

Happy Saturday!

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