Thursday Thirteen

The new BlogDumps Instant Messenger we have been working on is awesome!

I have been having so much fun with this… I know it’s supposed to be work but this is just too much fun. All my family and friends have downloaded it and we are able to talk and see each other, send photo files instantly etc… And the best part is I don’t have AIM popping up with all the advertisements and a webpage in my face on login.

I hope all of you give this a try. Now that it is working so well you will see download links around BlogDumps.

So if you are into having some worldwide fun on the web, talk to all your friends and family across the world for FREE! Yes, I said free! Download the BIM now and start having fun.

I know it is Thursday Thirteen I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to write one – but, now that I think of it, I can think of Thirteen cool ways to enjoy BlogDumps!

1. You can dump your blog Get listed in the BlogDumps Directory.
2. Add your link on the directory’s daily link dump.
3. Get your blog featured and reviewed.
4. Join the Discussion and help forum, announce your blog and create your BlogDumps profile.
5. Surf the BlogDumps directory and visit cool blogs.
5. Add a make me number one button to your blog and get in on the top sites blog posts.
6. Get your own blog right here on BlogDumps with the latest WP platform.
7. Dowload the BlogDumps Instant messenger, send text, audio/video and files to all your friends. Or join in the cool chat rooms that have audio and video chat.
8. Join BlogDumps video create you own video albums from around the web, upload all your and photos and embed them on your blog. Pimp your own page!
9. Go Mobile with BlogDumps.Mobi and get free ringtones and more.
10. Join the BlogDumps Entrecard list and get your bog feed added to the Directory page and the blog post
11. Make your start page it has all the quick links for bloggers to get where they need to go and has google search. it’s the best blogger start page on the web… Maybe the only blogger start page, I dont know of another.
12. create your own BlogDUmps Button and submit it to us and we will add it to the buttons page and give you credit and a link from the buttons page
13.Join the BlogDumps Affiliate program and earn money for refuring people to use our sevices. Low payouts means you get paid fast.

Best of all Just enjoy my site I have worked on this for years to make this a fun site for bloggers and non bloggers alike so that BlogDumps will bring bloggers and blog readers together in a high quality blog promotion

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Happy TT!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Hey, congrats for such great things accomplished!

    I’ve not been here in a while, but I’m glad to see that you’re still going strong 🙂

    (I’ve to come back later to check up on everything)

  2. Thank you my dear little brother. I would not be blogging if it wasn’t for you! I will have this up on my site and will be honored to have it on display. Thanks again.

    Love and Blessings,

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