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Happy Father’s Day!

Well, today is the day Fathers are celebrated

Kudos to the Father that worked that eighteen hour shift and drove for two hours to get home and then got up the next day to do it again.

The Father who found the time to play, even enjoy sports and somehow always made it to the game.

The Father that helped Mom as often as he could even though he was too tired from a long day.

The Father who taught respect and workmanship amongst his family.

The Young Fathers who are trying to figure out life with children.

The Fathers in the military, so far from their families.

The Fathers that have passed away.

The Fathers that support their children in all their adventures and endeavors in life.

The Fathers that have done and do so much and don’t even know it, it just came naturally.

Hats off to you and all you have done for us sons and grandsons you’re the best, We love you dude!


Merry Christmas

We just finished our Christmas Eve Dinner and are about to all be snug in our beds – patiently awaiting Santa Claus! Yeah Right! I never patiently awaited Santa – ask anyone here, I’m nosy and slightly impatient. LOL I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face as they open the present I got. I tried really hard to be practical this year and get everyone things they would actually use for a while instead of the remote control cars that are dead after 2 days.

Speaking of presents, I have a few presents to announce here on BlogDumps! These bloggers all get a BlogDumps T-shirt for being the top 5 sites sending traffic today at noon. Drum Roll Please!

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If your blog is on this list Please drop us a comment so we can get your mailing address by email -we’ll try to contact you, but some of you really hide your contact buttons well!

Thank you all for all your hard work and steady Blogging! Without you, BlogDumps would be just another site on the web!

Here’s some Christmas music! Who but Faith Hill could sing “parrump-pum-pum-puuumm” so elegantly!?!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
–Trina and Wolfbernz
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