Dumping Your Link!

If you are going to add your blog to the BlogDumps Directory… Please make sure to add the category you want your blog in!

We have had so many blogger that have submitted their blog without telling us what category they want their blog in that I have had to create “THE DUMP” category!

BlogDumps is not an automated Blog Directory we manually add your blog and we take a look to make sure it meets our community standards. I guess you could say we are a human edited directory! So, if you don’t choose a category we have to go and look and see or guess which one to put you in! Some of you blog about everything and it wouldn’t be fair to you or your blog to simply put you in a category!

That is how this new category came about I hope you all understand… If you find your blog in THE DUMP and would like it moved please write me at admin(at)blogdumps.com and let me know where you want your blog to be.

Happy Good Friday!