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September 11 2011

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Normally I do a Sunday Music… Who knows maybe by the time I finish what’s on my mind I will have a song for the day.

As you can see by the title you must have realized that this is the Tenth Anniversary of the horrible attack on the world trade center.

I went to the Homeland security site to see what the level of threat and found that they offer a blog widget that was pretty neat.

I sit here today pondering why… what could make someone or a group of people hate another group of people so much that they would do such a thing.

This attack didn’t just effect Americans – there were people from around the world in those buildings even from there own country… But if you have no value on life I guess it just doesn’t matter does it.

Now don’t get me wrong on my last statement it did affect America and now we know we are vulnerable and we are “Mad as hell” and are “not going to take any more!”

There is all this speculation that it was a conspiracy or that Bush just needed a reason to go after the oil in Iraq, frankly I don’t really know what to believe about it other than the bastards blew up my country men and we just aren’t going to sit around and take that $#!+

Now here we are ten years later we finally got the mastermind of the attack and killed him. We have our soldiers – some of my family even – over there trying to put back together what was destroyed in our attempt to get revenge and in their ongoing battles – something I think is almost (I sad Almost) impossible.

The countries in this region have been at war for centuries, they are never going to agree on anything other than they do not like Americans or Israel. It is a sad day today for all of the world.

We live in a world of no peace and that my friend is awful. At home in the USA there are attacks in an IHOP by our own and abroad they are attacking us as we try to put these countries back together. I just don’t get it?! But I guess I wouldn’t I am not that kind of person.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for one week everyone decided to lay down their arms and just have some peace maybe then each person could realize what a stress relief it would be for the whole world. I have an Idea lets stop all the oppression in this world of ours too. If we all worked together imagine what we could do for everyone on our little planet called Earth.

There are so many without jobs, food, a place to live and call home, how about just a clean glass of water. Yet we spend Billions Fighting wars that seem to never end. We will go into debt for a missile but not a chance for the guy on the street with his family who lost it all due to our economy. WTF? Yeah, I said it!

So a song for Sunday?

September 11 2011
We Will Never Forget! Our Thoughts And Prayers go out To The All The People Effected.

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