Lake Of Fire – Nirvana on Sunday Music!

So here it is the Fourth of July again. I was moving a bunch of boxes and things around on the farm. My son comes over and sees me doing this so to tease him I asked, “Do you see anything that you want or that is yours?”

He replied no.

I asked “Are you sure you do not see one thing that you could want?”

He replied No.

My son had forgot that last year we had left over fireworks and we had put them in an old ammo box. That same ammo box was sitting on the floor right next to his foot. I know you are thinking well that couldn’t be much – it is a large ammo box.

So after he said no for the fourth time ( I just had to use the fourth word…LOL) I reminded him what was in the box with a chuckle. He started to say something and the Trina the referee stepped in and said, “Your father asked you so I guess you will have to be here to see them.” I chuckled under my breath again. It’s always fun here on the Forth. We have great time with the family, we all get to share and have a good time. It’s also a good time to reflect on who we are as Americans and what we stand for.

Have a great Fourth be safe but have a blast too!

This week, Lake of Fire by Nirvana!

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Happy Independence Day!
Wolf and Trina