Coffee Break?

Maat45 is the author of Coffee Break?

Coffee Break? is a new blog on BlogDumps Bloggers, Maat45 started this blog because the “New Year seems to be a good time to make a start on my own blog site” And we’re glad she has.

I find her blog posts very enjoyable! One of her latest post about quitting smoking was great. While I’m not a smoker myself, I applaud anyone who is trying to break the habit. Her latest solution… Truck Power vs. Willpower It’s truely something every smoker should read!

Finally, I totally agree with her view of the Writers Strike in California in her post “Will Ye No’ Come Back Again? “. While I do watch a few of the reality TV shows, I must admit, I find them boring and predictable. Sometimes while watching them I wonder if I might as well be watching lame Soap Operas… Sorry, kinda got carried away there. She’s right. PLEASE BRING BACK THE WRITERS AND REGULAR TV SHOWS!! I’m looking forward to the New season of Dexter and she’s looking forward to the new season of LOST…

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