ROTUS and Clarks Picks

I love it when people have more than one blog! I guess the main reason is that you get to see more that one side of their personality – and trust me, personality is all over these two Blogs!

I started to review them separately, but they screamed to be on the same review. ROTUS is the Personal Blog and ClarksPicks is the music vlog/store.

I totally understand that starting a new blog can be time consuming and after you’ve got it started, everyone loves to watch their stats to see if they’re getting traffic and where that traffic is coming from. In ROTUS, Clark writes about this in his post So many Blogs, So Little Time.

Although he claims to be behind on posting on ROTUS, there’s plenty to read. I think the post Irish Bookies Nominate O’bama was something I’d never heard about and found funny and interesting. And the Irish Computer Virus is a definant must read.

Clark’s Picks is about music. He browses YouTube for “videos of various guitarists” and compiles the videos on this blog. He offers a CD store that’s full of Jazz, Folk and everything else. Pay a visit, there’s plenty of great albums to choose from. It’s neat to watch some of the old videos he’s found, I know I would never have seen this one if it weren’t for his Vlog!

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