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Sunday Gospel Music and Classic Rock

Good Sunday Morning all…

I have had a great weekend so far, I hope all of you have also!

I see that the Twitter Background Maker as been well received… The traffic to it here on BlogDumps has been a lot the last couple of days, I hope you all enjoy it!

I have made some server upgrades this morning so you should find that BlogDumps is loading faster then it has been…YEA!

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Sunday Music Time!

Gooood Sunday Morning! It’s that time again…

I have been looking around for some cool music to post and this is what I have found!
I hope you all enjoy…

I have a new feature coming on BlogDumps, It’s really cool it’s a free “Twitter Background Generator”.
You will be able to brand your Twitter page and add color backgrounds and a sidebar “business card” in just a few minutes.

When I finish it the link will be on the front page of BlogDumps!

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Sunday Music- Led Zepplin, Queen, The Eagles, Everlast, HellYeah and Metallica

I have no Idea how many times I have done Sunday music so if I accidentally post one twice I was just kidding…lol

I thought I would take you back a bit and then post some extra music….
Enjoy the music let me know if you like one of them or if it brings back any memories?
It’s funny how we associate music with different eras of our lives! Music is so important we can sing and express ourselves, listen and be inspired, or just jam and forget the troubles of the day!
Could we survive without music? I don’t think I could… I always like to listen to a great song just before I go do something or be somewhere it has to be quiet… lol what if it’s boring at least I have a tune to hum!

This is one of my favorites… I went to their concert 3 times…lol

Enjoy and have a great a Sunday!

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Sunday Soft Music

Wow, I just noticed I haven’t posted since thursday! This has been such a hectic time in my life…

I am going to have to go back to work and get some rest at the office…lol

I hate to admit it but I guess it’s ok to be 39 (hehehe) and have a grandchild…

I’ll start with the first topic of the week… we have the horse farm up for sale, yes, I am moving to town after all these years! I am not going to have a yard I am going to pour green concrete! Farming? Just say NO!

It has been a wonderful life out here and a great place to grow my kids but they are all of age now so it’s time for me…YEA! Anyway, it’s open house this week, the realtor’s going to show off the house, and we have had to do a list of chores a mile long.

Funny, I have always wanted everything just the way it is — now! It’s ok, though I am ready for a new adventure, with adventure comes change and with a positive atitude, just letting go and seeing where life wants to take you next is exciting to me!

The second major thing this week is the Baby Jacob was born Friday, May 15, 2:04 pm. He was 7 [ounds 9 ounces, 21.5 inches long, full head of black hair and bright blue eyes… Most babies kinda look funky when they are born but he looks like he had a haircut and a manicure before he could come into the world. If I could figure out how to get the pics off my phone I would post it for you… I’ll ask one of the kids… lol (and I’m the programmer lol – cell phones gotta love ’em!!!)

I know, I forgot the camera! I got the “She’s going to start pushing” call on the phone on Friday, I hung up and blasted off to the hospital (which is a 1 hour drive from the office) and we showed up just in time to hear the “It’s a healthy Baby Boy” announcement. Baby Jacob is so adorable! I really don’t like holding small babies but he is so cute and irrisistable! I guess I am just a happy Grandpa!

Well, I have to go get ready to get out of here – have a great Sunday and enjoy the music! I couldn’t chose between these two, so you will have to listen and see which you like best, Santana is just so good but so is Whiteheart!…
But it is Sunday so…

Have a great Sunday!

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Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park… We Made It!

I know it’s not soft music but I was just not into it this week!
I hope you don’t mind this one?
It just seemed to fit…

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone! I am going to cruise around the farm and see what I can tear up with the tractor!!!

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Happy Sunday

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Relaxing Sunday

I always like Sunday’s! My favorite is to wake up get a cup of coffee and watch Sunday Morning.
Thinking about it, I have done this for so long and can’t remember when I started it, I can say I have been watching since Charles Kerault was the anchor man. It was great this morning they had Steve Martin on, he is so funny and they showed some other comedians also, it was great!

On another note I have come up with an idea that will be great but I will need all the bloggers across the United States to participate in order for it to be a success.

I have created a web presence on the internet and I want to do something good with it.

Bloggers Help America

It’s all about Bloggers coming together to help America.

We have Millions of bloggers in the United States, last I heard it was between 11 and 15 million, how many people can we feed and help save from disaster in their lives if we all banded together and gave a buck to Bloggers Help America? We could help feed the hungry, save a family and kids from ending up on the street! I want everyone to participate.

There will be a page set up just for this listing the money raised and who donated with a link to their blog and you will be able to proudly display the badge on your blog.

Also we will make decisions together I will set up polls and ask for people to comment and become invested in this process not just give and forget! I hope all of you will join me and lets show how powerful little ‘ole bloggers can be.

All the best,

I hope you all are having a great weekend, Thanks for stopping by.

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Sunday Music On A Great Weekend!

It was a beautiful day on the Eastern Shore this weekend so I pulled out the “Farm Use” vehicle today and took it out for the quarter mile out in front and around the farm lands that surround us. It was a great day to put on some jazzy blues or a little rock’n’roll and just blow the dust off.

There was one cloud that stopped by and tried to scare us with a few rain drops but soon faded away into the sunshine! Thank God! Did you see the look on that clouds face?

Cloud Face

So anyway, What’s that? Oh, The “Farm Use” vehicle… A picture is worth a thousand words! Yes it’s a 1969 Porsche 911 S — all original.

Farm Use
Farm Use...LOL The looks we get!!!

So I put on some music and took it for a spin around the farm and around the block!

I know I am supposed to do Sunday music and I am working up to that This is the first song, I like this band they are one of my favorites. I would ask you to guess but the title shows on the player!

I think Trina likes to sing along with Guns and Roses to this song as we fly home to the farm, see I don’t drive fast I just fly low!!! I hope you all enjoyed this wonderful weekend and have a better week then ever.