Sunday Music- Led Zepplin, Queen, The Eagles, Everlast, HellYeah and Metallica

I have no Idea how many times I have done Sunday music so if I accidentally post one twice I was just kidding…lol

I thought I would take you back a bit and then post some extra music….
Enjoy the music let me know if you like one of them or if it brings back any memories?
It’s funny how we associate music with different eras of our lives! Music is so important we can sing and express ourselves, listen and be inspired, or just jam and forget the troubles of the day!
Could we survive without music? I don’t think I could… I always like to listen to a great song just before I go do something or be somewhere it has to be quiet… lol what if it’s boring at least I have a tune to hum!

This is one of my favorites… I went to their concert 3 times…lol

Enjoy and have a great a Sunday!

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One thought on “Sunday Music- Led Zepplin, Queen, The Eagles, Everlast, HellYeah and Metallica”

  1. Great Sunday pics, Wolf! “Stairway…” is probably the only LZ cut I liked…was never into hard rock much but then “Bohemian Rhapsody”…wow! I’m a die-hard Queen/Freddie Mercury fan and this is one of my favourites! I went back to Scotland for a year, 1974, and “Killer Queen” was getting the air play…loved it, that was my first Queen album (Sheer Heart Attack). I was already around 30 then…lolol. Had an opportunity to go see them at the Oakland stadium, CA, in ’76 or ’77 but decided not to…couldn’t afford to be front and centre so figured I would miss out on the visuals (bought VHS/DVD’s instead, then and since). “Hotel California” was released the last year we lived in CA and being Eagles fans…. Still have my collections!

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