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Sunday Music – Off To The Beach

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It’s getting to be the last of summer fast so we are all headed out to the beach today to hit the waves and enjoy some warm water fun. We’re loading up the boogie boards, the surfboards and heading out.
We don’t live to far from the beach and it is quite fun there are wild horses and deer on the island. Everyone loves to watch them.
Trina is preparing a picnic for us – the kids are all going so this should be a fun family outing.

For the music today , well who else but the Beach Boys!

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Have a great Sunday!

Sunday Music With Nickleback!

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Some songs just seem to have some meaning to us as we listen and sing along. They leave us thinking about life. 🙂 The things that make us happy and wanting to have fun. In this song it seems he has found love and she is saves him from unhappiness as they dance into the night. How many time have you done this!?

I thought this was a nice song for this Sunday.
If you listen to the lyrics it’s a nice upbeat song and I love the music it’s great.

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Have a great Sunday

Sunday Music – “Amen” by Kid Rock!

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As I listen to this song I realize that we should all give as much as we can to our fellow Americans especially in these trying times of our great economy that has us all in a bit of a bind.
I hope that all I do in my life as I go from day to day is to help those that need a hand and to be there for the ones that just need that smile as I walk through my day from place to place.
I am a lucky person to have been self employed all my life but there are many who are not sure whether they will even have a job in the upcoming months. I thought this was a fitting song for the day and for the times at hand.

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Have a great Sunday


Sunday Music With “Three Days Grace” Live!

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Wow what an awesome concert 🙂

When we got there, there ware a lot of people scurrying around to find their seats – it was about a hundred degrees outside! The opening band was great but we missed most of it while wandering the fair eating fries and admiring all the fried wonders (fried Twinkies, pickles, snickers, Oreos)…

We found our seats and waited for the big moment to arrive and when the sun started to set here they came with a loud rumble… The lead singer to one look at the barricades they had set up and he said “You all seem so far away” everyone screamed “Yeah!” I don’t know why but they always do that no matter what the singer says. So he went on to say “If you all can behave yourselves we will remove these barricades, after all this is a rock concert not some country event – get up here let’s ROCK!” The crowd went wild, the cops looked as though they needed to attend the bathroom at this point and abandoned the stage area. 🙂 But the bands security came out and the rest is rock history. They put on the best rock show I have ever seen at the Delaware State Fair. Kudos to you Three Days Grace you made my Friday night the best ever especially after working in such a long hot week.

In the middle of the concert the lead singer announced that he wanted everyone to have all of thier CD’s and that he didn’t care how we got them – burned, ripped, downloaded, or stuck in a jacket pocket at the store – “We’re so proud of our music and we just want you all to listen to it!” The crowd went wild!

I wish I had a better video camera so I could upload the videos I took of the concert. Just for fun, here’s one of their songs:


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Sunday Music – Extreme Party Animals, Can’t Touch This!

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I thought it would be fun to have some old school hip hop on this weeks Sunday Music.
This is a song we all can remember from any age and is defiantly a classic one.

I guess it’s not just the beat but the lyrics as well the forbidden words of “Can’t Touch This” makes it appealing then add the beat and you have a classic hit.

So as you all have you great Sunday afternoon this should stick in your head… 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this weeks selection!
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Have a great Sunday


Lake Of Fire – Nirvana on Sunday Music!

So here it is the Fourth of July again. I was moving a bunch of boxes and things around on the farm. My son comes over and sees me doing this so to tease him I asked, “Do you see anything that you want or that is yours?”

He replied no.

I asked “Are you sure you do not see one thing that you could want?”

He replied No.

My son had forgot that last year we had left over fireworks and we had put them in an old ammo box. That same ammo box was sitting on the floor right next to his foot. I know you are thinking well that couldn’t be much – it is a large ammo box.

So after he said no for the fourth time ( I just had to use the fourth word…LOL) I reminded him what was in the box with a chuckle. He started to say something and the Trina the referee stepped in and said, “Your father asked you so I guess you will have to be here to see them.” I chuckled under my breath again. It’s always fun here on the Forth. We have great time with the family, we all get to share and have a good time. It’s also a good time to reflect on who we are as Americans and what we stand for.

Have a great Fourth be safe but have a blast too!

This week, Lake of Fire by Nirvana!

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Happy Independence Day!
Wolf and Trina

Sunday Music With The Rolling Stones

What a nice Sunday – it’s cooler today by fifteen degrees how nice is that 🙂

The only thing that went wrong today is just as Sunday Morning on CBS came on we had a power outage… The nerve of the power lines to go down at such a time!

I hope you all are having a great weekend, we are hanging out with the kids and their kids – it’s a family day. It’s always nice to just hang out and chill. Irene brought us Dunkin Donuts coffee… Yummy

I want to welcome all the new bloggers to the community I hope you all join us for “Top Sites Tuesday” The check in post and instructions on how to play go up on Monday morning here on the blog.

So are you ready for the Rolling Stones- This is an old clip, Gimme Shelter
Early Video Footage.

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Have a great Sunday!

Sunday Music With The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

I really like Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s music 🙂

At a very young age he was a great artist almost breaking the sound barrier with his southern style rock. He was born Kenny Wayne Brobst, on June 12, 1977, Shreveport, Louisiana, that’s where he gets all that soul in his music I am sure!

I am sure his influences had to be people like Stevie Ray Vaughan and BB King, others that played this style for him to play it so well and make it sound so good.

When we were on vacation this last winter there was a young teen named Zach on a yacht next to us that we buddy boated with and he could play Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and some Kenny Wayne Shepherd among others. It was cool to wake up in the morning to hear him jamming some cool tunes he too was starting young I can only imagine how well he will play in a few more years.

This song was uploaded by FishHawk, he has a great blog and some good taste in music so make sure to visit his blog and check him out here… You will be glad you did!

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It’s off to church and time to play with the Grandson, Jacob, he is turning two this year on May 15! I am not that old I just had kids young… LOL

Have a great Sunday,


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Hoppy Easter

So I get a call this morning from the my son… Happy Easter at 7 am! Yes I said 7am he puts his son who is almost 2 now on the phone and he says Hoppy Easter 🙂 Then it’s – church was changed this week it’s at 9am instead!!! OMG I felt as though I had just fell asleep, It’s Easter I have to get up!

I was up late I am working on new stuff for B Mobile with all the new phones I am trying to keep up with the times. I had to scratch the old site fully and create a new one… Yikes, Sometimes I wish I could program as well as I can cut a piece of wood and make furniture – maybe someday 🙂

So here it is, Easter already, Sunday music, I am late, hurrying around, I haven’t had a moment to write a thing on any blog… But that’s ok the little voice on the phone brings a smile to my face and I am ready to go with him and have a fun and happy Easter.

I hope all of you do the same – Easter, we all know what it’s about – but its also about Family, being together and enjoying that we can have a good life. Whether it’s just two or ten it really doesn’t matter it’s a day to be happy 🙂 We could use more days in our lives that do this, times are tough for many people right now.

To all of you from us here at BlogDumps we wish you the best and happiest Easter ever!

I didn’t know what to post for the music today it was a hard choice so I am going to do two, I couldn’t decide!

I thought this one is nice, maybe I’m just that kinda guy, reverence is good.

The funny one for the day. Easter Exposed!

Happy Easter,

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BlogDumps Sunday Music – The Reason By Hoobastank

I am not a perfect person and I will never claim to be – But as time goes by I will strive to be a better person.

I think this is a great song not just for the music, which is good, but the lyrics of the song have a strong message to them. As I sit and listen to them I can almost see him leaving and trying to explain how he finally has found the reason he should stay and show how much he cares and that this person brings out the best in him and is willing to show the true loving person he can be. I like songs like this to me they seem to share about real life and how sometimes we wait until the last second to say hey wait I am better than this and I want to show you. Why wait? Why not share and show that someone special today why you care and why you love them and don’t let things get to the point of hey before I go I have something I want to tell you!
I have always said work hard, love those you care about, and play fair and be passionate about what you do and life will be good 🙂 So as you listen to this weeks Sunday music if they are sitting there give a smile and a hug if not get up and go tell them how much you love and appreciate them… Why not it just might make for a happier day.

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Have a great Sunday

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