BlogDumps Sunday Music – The Reason By Hoobastank

I am not a perfect person and I will never claim to be – But as time goes by I will strive to be a better person.

I think this is a great song not just for the music, which is good, but the lyrics of the song have a strong message to them. As I sit and listen to them I can almost see him leaving and trying to explain how he finally has found the reason he should stay and show how much he cares and that this person brings out the best in him and is willing to show the true loving person he can be. I like songs like this to me they seem to share about real life and how sometimes we wait until the last second to say hey wait I am better than this and I want to show you. Why wait? Why not share and show that someone special today why you care and why you love them and don’t let things get to the point of hey before I go I have something I want to tell you!
I have always said work hard, love those you care about, and play fair and be passionate about what you do and life will be good 🙂 So as you listen to this weeks Sunday music if they are sitting there give a smile and a hug if not get up and go tell them how much you love and appreciate them… Why not it just might make for a happier day.

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Have a great Sunday

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