Hoppy Easter

So I get a call this morning from the my son… Happy Easter at 7 am! Yes I said 7am he puts his son who is almost 2 now on the phone and he says Hoppy Easter 🙂 Then it’s – church was changed this week it’s at 9am instead!!! OMG I felt as though I had just fell asleep, It’s Easter I have to get up!

I was up late I am working on new stuff for B Mobile with all the new phones I am trying to keep up with the times. I had to scratch the old site fully and create a new one… Yikes, Sometimes I wish I could program as well as I can cut a piece of wood and make furniture – maybe someday 🙂

So here it is, Easter already, Sunday music, I am late, hurrying around, I haven’t had a moment to write a thing on any blog… But that’s ok the little voice on the phone brings a smile to my face and I am ready to go with him and have a fun and happy Easter.

I hope all of you do the same – Easter, we all know what it’s about – but its also about Family, being together and enjoying that we can have a good life. Whether it’s just two or ten it really doesn’t matter it’s a day to be happy 🙂 We could use more days in our lives that do this, times are tough for many people right now.

To all of you from us here at BlogDumps we wish you the best and happiest Easter ever!

I didn’t know what to post for the music today it was a hard choice so I am going to do two, I couldn’t decide!

I thought this one is nice, maybe I’m just that kinda guy, reverence is good.

The funny one for the day. Easter Exposed!

Happy Easter,

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4 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter”

  1. I, also, hope that everyone at BlogDumps had a nice day today.

    Wolfe, you are so right about spending time with family. Two year olds are awfully cute. Little kids really add an extra bit of “special” to a holiday.

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