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Saturday Night Dump

Welcome to the Saturday Night Dump!

Wolfbernz talked about a surprise… I’m here to tell you about it!

We are all about the Linky Love… obviously… and what a better way to get out some linky love than to add a few newbies to the directory?!? Check out the new listings in Money Blogs, Literature Blogs, and – of course – The DUMP. In case you weren’t aware, the dump is for bloggers who Submitted their blog to BlogDumps, but didn’t tell us where they wanted to be listed! Anyone and Everything can be found there!

We’ve also added a new category to Blog Dumps… Real Estate Resources. We are hoping to see real growth in that area in the coming months. Everything from Real Estate Brokers that blog about houses they offer – to mortgage brokers, loan information, and foreclosures will be listed there!

Oh Yeah, the surprise! Well… We want to help our affiliates to make money while promoting BlogDumps, so EVERY BLOGDUMPS AFFILIATE has been Featured on the BlogDumps Home Page and the Blog Directory Home Page. These features, while their blog screenshots are smaller than those of Paid to Be Featured Bloggers, the effect is the same, a screenshot (provided by Thumbshots.org) will be randomly displayed to visitors of BlogDumps. We are hoping to help our affiliates by driving traffic to their sites! After-all, how do you promote something you don’t know about? We are hoping that by promoting our affiliates, this will give them a little… shall we say “nudge” ?

Check out this Awesome Affiliate!

Happy Saturday Night!

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iTune App Reviews – iPhones, iTunes, and more!

 iPhone Apps, iPhone 3G apps and iPod touch Applications Reviews

Techie Blogs are always so helpful! Then there are the techie blog written by people like this:

We are a couple of Apple iPhone 3G Geeks. We have nothing better to do than buy, test and review all the coolest Apps for your iPhone from the iTunes App Store. Thank God Apple opened the iPhone to third part Apps this make the iPhone Stand Alone in the Gadget World.

In doing so Apple has created a new world for us, we now have a subject that we are passionate about and a forum to express our thoughts and feelings about the iPhone and all the Awesome Apps that are being created for us to use on it.

Remember This Is Just The Beginning The Is More And Better iPhone Apps To Come From The iTunes App Store.

I always enjoy creative “About Us” statements. The only way to give them any justice is to quote them.

Their blog layout is clean and easy to navigate with an upbeat atmoshpere full of Techie stuff written in a way even I could understand.

If you want to know more about your iPhone or if you want more applications for your iPhone, this is one blog you have to check out!!

I was reading about the “Pocket Cocktails” wouldn’t that App make it easy next time I want a different drink and don’t know what I want to get at the liquor store! Gosh! Maybe I should look into getting an iPhone! My cell is so crappy I lost it a month ago and don’t miss it at all! — I can’t believe I just admitted that…

Happy Saturday Night!

Saturday Night Dump

Whew! Was that a crazy week. All the prep for Thanksgiving and then the Black Friday shopping — I’m pooped! Usually we just go out on Black Friday to watch the die-hard shoppers fight over TVs and playboys – errr. I mean Play Stations. There wasn’t anything truly notable about this Black Friday except the lack of people. Lines were manageable, people were friendly, and we were shocked. I suppose it’s time to put up the tree… I’ll do that tomorrow, maybe Wolfbernz will put up some holiday music in tomorrow’s Sunday Music Post.

Looks like BlogDumps was busy today! Check out these Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com Today:


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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Punkin Chunkin Saturday

Where else but Sussex County, Delaware, would there be a festival called Punkin Chunkin?

If you’ve never heard of this before, let me enlighten you a bit. A bunch of crazy rednecks get together and launch 8 pound pumpkins through the air, as far as they can. And no, they aren’t throwing them by hand, these guys make all kinds of contraptions from catapults to gigantic air cannons! It’s awesome! Some contestants are all about the show and others are all about the chunk!

We’re going tomorrow, so look for pictures and more on Wrongblog this week.

In the mean time, don’t forget to check out these blogs, they were the top blogs sending traffic to BlogDumps Today!


Happy Saturday!

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Saturday Night! How Cool Is That!

You may have noticed some changes going on around here…

I have been having so much fun re-designing BlogDumps and adding cool new features like the New soon to be launched BlogDumps toolbar. The new tool bar has all the rock’n cool features you could want including Email, a pop-up blocker, BlogDumps Google search, There isn’t any spyware or virus stuff – just some really simple, convenient tools that are nice to have on your computer. Best of all you can keep in touch at the BlogDumps community with our RSS feed right on the toolbar.

I’m not finished yet… hehehe! There is more to come so stay tuned I am just getting started! I want BlogDumps not only to be the best blog directory and blog community, but a great resource site for all of the bloggers on the web. So come join me here on BlogDumps. Add your blog – get featured – gain readers and make money too. Yes, I said make money! After you submit your blog, join the BlogDumps Affiliate program! Yep you read it right! Get your blog listed, Gain Readers, and Make money right here on blogdumps!

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Have a Great Saturday!


Well, at least this is better than Watching The stockmarket fall or trying to Win a TV on a survey… Hmmmm… Can we add the win a TV to the toolbar? Not!
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Saturday At The Dump!

This last week we have perfomed some security updates on our server, All went well… Thank God! I am always a little shakey about updates (Trina just goes for it) but everything is perfect.

BlogDumps is running Smoothly except I noticed that the Featured Blogs Feed Reader Script has an Issue with Flash 9 so I will be removing it and I am changing it to a new script.

I also found another small glich in the system, make sure to use the regular blog submission and add your link to BlogDumps first. Then when you become an affiliate you can change the buttons to whatever affiliate buttons you want to. The BlogDumps Spider doesn’t recognize the affiliate links it only sees the regular BlogDumps buttons.

I want to change BlogDumps blog theme but…
Why is it so hard to pick a new blog theme?
Any suggestions? Oh Come on add you two cents!

I want to point out one of the Featured blogs this week The Wildlife blog What a cool stop on my blog surfing!

I really enjoyed this blog and give it two thumbs up! I am not going to say anymore than that – you will have to stop by and see it for yourself. If you have kids this is a cool blog they will love to look at!

This Saturday’s Hot Blog Sites on BlogDumps.com:

stars dancing on tv.
Your Caring Angels
irrelevant title
emmsy stuff

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Have a Great Saturday!


Well, at least this is better than Watching Football or trying to Win a TV on a survey… or is it? LOL

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