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Friday Funnies Video From B Tubed

I hope you all find this funny, it’s all just for a good laugh at the way the doctors treat our kids that are hyper active.

One of my kids was this way and instead I built him an easel and gave him paints colored pencils and channeled all that extra energy no drugs needed here.

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Have a great Friday!


Saturday Funnies

If you are out playing in the water on the beach this weekend be careful this is a crazy video it had to be photo shopped right? Watch this guy! He is pretty good!

It’s really hot here, I don’t really want to do much but run from air conditioner to air conditioner or maybe I go to go to the beach and enjoy the water and cool off. I hope it isn’t too crowded – it gets that way around here in the summer time. Maybe there will even be surf! LOL

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Trina wants to jump the rail and go to Washington to the Smithsonian and see all the cool stuff there… It will be air conditioned…LOL So I guess we’ll flip a coin! It’s all about having fun 😀

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Have a great weekend!

Saturday Funnies

I know it’s a holiday weekend and all the dads would be watching sports so I thought I would post this video commercial and see how many remember this one… LOL

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The Saturday Funnies

I hope you all are having a great weekend, it’s a beautiful sunny day here 8)

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Saturday Funny Video!

I hope you all are having a great weekend 8) It’s been great here!

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Check out this funny News Bloopers they are great 🙂 Continue reading Saturday Funny Video!

In The News

Thank you all for participating in Top Sites Tuesday! This weeks winner was Nancy She has a wonderful blog Coffee Break? and is a great asset to the community – make sure to stop by and visit her! Thanks for making it a fun place to hang out and have fun. Have a great week Nancy 🙂

Just in case you missed this in the news the other day I thought I would share it… LOL
If you come out to the farm I can’t say this will not happen to your car… Yes, we have a Chesapeake retriever amongst the wolves I think he is all mouth and that’s it! If I were the owner of this dog I would have come out and said “He’s just playing” LOL Continue reading In The News