Sunday Music – Smash Mouth – Walking On The Sun Video

Well, Spring is here and it’s going to be summer soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally some warm weather! It won’t be long and it will be to the beach and off to the lake for family fun.

Trina and I are off to another adventure. We will be blogging from off the Mexican West Coast on Monday… I hope we don’t take off right away on the sailing trip.

It’s another sailing trip, but this time it’s a short one to bring a sailboat back to the USA and then we fly home.

It has been nuts around here, so much to do to get ready and then I get a virus on my main laptop.You know, the one that I use to be able to run things if needed while traveling. (All is well now though, thanks to Trina fixing and reinstalling and then downloading all the website stuff and all the back-ups.) Then there was the day job and then throw the farm into the picture – WHEW, I am surprised about how much we were able to do. We got the call to get on the boat and were told eight days is when we had to be there, not much notice but I can’t think of something more fun to do!

So all is well I have my laptop back in working order (and even better now that it’s been cleaned up completely) everything is backed up and ready to go, BlogDumps is running better than it has in some time. Traffic has been up considerably so make sure to leave a comment – we allow links for bloggers here after all that’s what BlogDumps is all about, gaining you all readers and giving you all a place to be noticed. Have you ever worked on something and finally you feel like you just might be getting somewhere?

I know I ramble and it’s Sunday music. This just seems to set the mood for me today, this is a fun video to watch so enjoy!

Have a great Saturday,

PS I hope we have internet so we can have this weeks Top Sites Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be checking it out as soon as I arrive!

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