Happy Father’s Day 2012

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From all of us here at BlogDumps we want to wish all of you Fathers a very Happy Father’s day.

A Father plays a big role in molding the character and morals of our children and with out that role most have a hard time adjusting and have so many unanswered questions.

It is a very cool thing to be a Father and show our young how we should act and how we should treat people as we want to be treated. To teach them to be fair and honest and give them the guidance they need as they grow into adult hood. So many today take this role so lightly. I wish more could be done to prevent the many that do take this role of a Father so lightly but I guess that is just part of life.

To all of you that have done your part and are raising or have raised your children Kudos to you and have the best day ever.

I know I play this every year for the last couple of years but I can’t seem to make a video that I like better than this one… Each time it just doesn’t come out right!

All the best
The Crew here at BlogDumps