Sunday Music from California

Hey Everyone!

As most of you know We are finally traveling! We’ve landed on the West Coast and spent some time in Southern California then headed to Central California to visit family.

It’s colder here than I expected but that’s ok – at least we’re here 🙂

In light of our traveling (and only having random access to the internet while traveling) we’ll be posting about our travels when we can. Make sure to stop by and follow us as we sail South to the warm blue waters of the Pacific.

I hate to break this news, but Top Sites Tuesday will be on hold until we return. Make sure to stop by and leave a link to your posts so when we do pull into port we can visit everyone and stay up-to-date and know what’s going on with everyone!

Oh yeah, isn’t this a Sunday Music post? How about a nice Summer jam?

Have a wonderful day Everyone!

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