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Sunday Music -Time To Relax

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I hope you all are having a nice weekend 😀 I have been working all weekend but I am taking time off during the week so I guess it all balances itself out…LOL

This was uploaded by Angel1 on BlogDumps B Tubed! It’s very relaxing, I hope you enjoy it for a Sunday Music post it is definitely different than the rock music I normally post but I thought it would be a nice change to do this one. I do like the photos in the video.

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I am off to work and then have fun with Jacob this afternoon, Sunday is my day with him and I enjoy it a lot.
Here is a photo.

See, he is great we have so much fun and he is so cool!

Have a nice Sunday

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Happy Father’s Day 2010

Happy Father’s day to all of you Dads out there!

I hope you all enjoy your special day with your family and friends.

Don’t forget about all the dads in the armed forces that are not home this weekend! It must be really difficult for a dad not to be home with his family on Father’s day.

So to all of you Dads out there I made this video for you and your family I hope you enjoy it 😀
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Sunday Music

Wow, What a weekend 🙂 What’s snew… lol

Even though the weather has been so bad, BlogDumps has stayed intact and running smooth as ever.
Since we were snowed in I had a chance to go over some things on the site I would have normally have waited on until Monday. We had a small issue with the “Top Site Tuesday” Blogroll but I fixed it and everyone’s widget should be working fine. I will work on a widget that will work on blogs… They don’t allow an iframe embed. That is one reason I started BlogDumps Bloggers so people would not be limited as to what they want to do, weather it’s blogging for fun or profit I don’t care just blog and have fun is my motto!

If you would like to start a blog just follow me here and share your thought’s with the world 😀

I know I am a little late with my Sunday Music post but I spent the day digging out of the snow… We have four and five foot snow drifts and yes Trina had to have a camera when I got the tractor stuck… lol

Well it is Sunday music, so here is one uploaded by Liggy she has a great blog with cool music downloads so make sure to visit her… Make sure to leave a comment, we bloggers love comments after all it is the nice thing to do. Pete turn your speakers down 🙂 Really it’s a great song thanks Liggy for sharing it.

If you would like to have your blog on BlogDumps Sunday Music Join BlogDumps B Tubed and upload your favorite music. I will use it on my Sunday music post.

Have a great Sunday, and enjoy the Super Bowl 🙂


Sunday on the Farm

What a great day! It rained hard last night… I am glad, after all we have been mowing and mulching so it looks nice in fact I used the BlogDumps Video Quick Capture feature to film and upload a short clip of all the work we did yesterday. I really like this feature… I don’t think Wolfbernz has said enough about it, the quick capture feature that is, it’s awesome and easy to use!

Wolfbernz has also added live video streaming chat to the BlogDumps Instant messenger. Check it out, it’s really neat! You can even send files to your friends while you chat!

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