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Sunday Music With Lc Johnson’s “Problems With The World Today”

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Before I get started I would like to announce to everyone that it is Bud’s Birthday so make sure to stop by and visit him here. To leave a comment use the Facebook connect or Twitter app it’s easy 🙂 Happy Birthday Bud!

I was cruising BlogDumps Video Site “B Tubed” hoping for something new in the music area and I got just that!

One of our latest members Biglc22 uploaded this song.
I am impressed with the quality of the video and how it plays on the new BlogDumps HD player nicely.

As the song says there are so many problems in the world today, many issues just swept under the rug as they say. I don’t know how you all feel but this economy has got to change for the better. With a bad economy comes a host of all new problems we do not need in our country. Not just our economy, the drug problems have become out of control – not just marijuana, the prescription drugs – have you read the latest statistics OMG… We have issues and they need to be worked on.

Thanks for the video BigLc hope to see more in the future 🙂

Have a great Sunday

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