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First I want to thank everyone who participated in this week’s Top Sites Tuesday and to all of you that have in the past. We do have a lot of fun around here each week and everyone’s posts are great. If you are blogger join us each week the check in post is up every Monday.

I haven’t written a Saturday Night Dump Post in a long time because Google thought it was all paid links and penalized the BlogDumps Blog and would not index BlogDumps blog for a short time. It has been a couple years so I am going to go for it… LOL

I know many have not blogged in some time and some just don’t blog as much but most all still support BlogDumps by posting our button and Trina and I appreciate this very much.

The web has turned into real time as in “what is happening right now”. I hope all that have been blogging and are new to blogging will remember that there is nothing more satisfying than to write a good blog post and it just comes alive with comments and interaction from the readers that happen by. Don’t get me wrong real time web is cool and I enjoy reading some of the funny stuff posted but as I lurk around many have just stopped all together and are missed by those who are still here blogging away.

If you haven’t posted in a while or have just been burnt out by it all make it fun don’t push so hard to post everyday. In fact for those who like statistics, sometimes when you do not post for a few days it brings more traffic than if you do.

There are thousands of blogs that have been created here on BlogDumps and we hope to continue to grow as a blogging community whether your blog is hosted by us or somewhere else.

I am sure I may have missed a couple thousand or so of the people that carry our button but here are some really cool blogs you should check out… You will be glad you did.


The Art of Being Conflicted
Art by Tomas
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Trina’s Blog
Liggyz Dreamz
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Coffee Break?
Jeep Blog
Over Cups of Coffee
Randomize ME
Snowman Poop
The Rooster Crows
Your Caring Angels



I usually have been posting a Saturday funny for some time now so here is a short clip. I am not really sure if this is funny or cute… Maybe a WTF, you make the call.

See you tomorrow on Sunday Music, there is new music uploaded on BlogDumps Video Site B Tubed that I can’t wait to share ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great Saturday Night

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