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Punkin Chunkin Saturday

Where else but Sussex County, Delaware, would there be a festival called Punkin Chunkin?

If you’ve never heard of this before, let me enlighten you a bit. A bunch of crazy rednecks get together and launch 8 pound pumpkins through the air, as far as they can. And no, they aren’t throwing them by hand, these guys make all kinds of contraptions from catapults to gigantic air cannons! It’s awesome! Some contestants are all about the show and others are all about the chunk!

We’re going tomorrow, so look for pictures and more on Wrongblog this week.

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Happy Saturday!

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Welcome To The Saturday Night Dump!

What a nice day it was today… Fall is here but I love this kind of weather!

If you haven’t noticed I have been remodeling around here trying to make BlogDumps one of the best blogging resource sites on the web. I guess the hardest part is that we didn’t get BlogDumps out of a box or buy a template etc.. So we have to build and script as we go along.

One of the nice new features is that we now show the two newest members that joined the BlogDumps community on the front page with a screen shot of the blog that was submitted along with it’s page rank. So if you haven’t joined our community now is the time to join! You can get some front page time until the next blog is submitted and bumps you off the page. That is, unless you become a featured blog and then you will randomly show up in the spotlights throughout the site as the featured blog .

I would like to invite all of you that are BlogDumps members to join the discussion forum. We will be implementing some cool new features and they will be linked to the forum database for user login, profiles, avatars etc..

The search box on the front page has moved to the top of the page and will search the web for whatever you are looking for. A big Thank you to for the logo I love the dump truck with the RSS in the back of it.

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Have a great Saturday night!

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Saturday Night! How Cool Is That!

You may have noticed some changes going on around here…

I have been having so much fun re-designing BlogDumps and adding cool new features like the New soon to be launched BlogDumps toolbar. The new tool bar has all the rock’n cool features you could want including Email, a pop-up blocker, BlogDumps Google search, There isn’t any spyware or virus stuff – just some really simple, convenient tools that are nice to have on your computer. Best of all you can keep in touch at the BlogDumps community with our RSS feed right on the toolbar.

I’m not finished yet… hehehe! There is more to come so stay tuned I am just getting started! I want BlogDumps not only to be the best blog directory and blog community, but a great resource site for all of the bloggers on the web. So come join me here on BlogDumps. Add your blog – get featured – gain readers and make money too. Yes, I said make money! After you submit your blog, join the BlogDumps Affiliate program! Yep you read it right! Get your blog listed, Gain Readers, and Make money right here on blogdumps!

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Have a Great Saturday!


Well, at least this is better than Watching The stockmarket fall or trying to Win a TV on a survey… Hmmmm… Can we add the win a TV to the toolbar? Not!
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Pink Renegade!

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Sandy’s blog is well built, easy to read and and has a plethora of information.
Sandy writes on her about page,

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I am a full time teacher. To make some extra money I also help people start their own beauty and cosmetic home party plan business. I call myself the Pink Renegade because I don’t believe in doing things the way my uplines tell me to do it. They have been selling the same way for the last 50 years and have never figured out times have changed.
Once a teacher always a teacher.”

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All the best

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The Saturday Night Dump!

Have you been Dumped? (opens in a new window)

Oh Yeah, It’s Saturday! Time to relax and have some fun!

I said I would post some pictures of our trip to the State Fair. I didn’t bring the video camera but here is a video I uploaded to BlogDumps Video with my cell phone – LOL – I forgot to turn on the sound… Duh! I did fix our Video Site to accept .3gp files from cell phones so now if you have the internet on your phone you can upload videos straight to BlogDumps Video.

Upload and share your videos, just surf over to BDV and sign up it’s free and the best part is your upload is immediate you don’t have to wait to get an embed code for your blog or to just watch it.

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Have a great Saturday!

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Happy Birthday BlogDumps

Yes, Today is BlogDumps Second birthday! We have come a long way, please don’t use the Wayback Machine to see us in our early days though, we’d be embarrassed LOL

I thought it would be fun to have a birthday celebration and give away a few T-Shirts…

So let the party begin! Is there anything to drink at this party?

  • The first Person to leave a comment on this post will get a T-Shirt
  • The fifth person will get a T-Shirt
  • The Tenth person to leave a comment gets a T-shirt and 200 Entre card Ec’s!
  • The 20th comment 300 Ec’s and a T-Shirt!
  • Keep the comments rolling you never know what I could give away!

If you are not a Blogger, that’s ok you can join the fun too! Simply leave a good email address in your comment so we can contact you if you win.

To say thanks to all of you who have dumped your blog I have added everyone that recently added their blog to the Dump in this post.

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One woman taking on the internet world! This is a tough business but the strong will survive. You can make it in this business just believe in yourself.

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Happy Blogging

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