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Saturday Dump

I though I would do a Saturday Dump This week I haven’t done this for some time so I thought I would dump a bunch of bloggers…

I know you think I am going to get rid of them but No, I am going to tell you about some cool new blogs and some that have been around a bit.

The first ones are new to the BlogDumps community So make them welcome and stop by and see what you think 🙂

Happy Single Life
Life of a single woman and her stories in finding true love.

War, Lies And Delusions
After nine years of warring, with a $60 billion war funding bill on the table, a pledge of $500 million to help Pakistan, America is the reason this war will never be won

Healthy With Herbal
herb blog

royal enfield motorcycles
This is a dedicated blog/website on Royal Enfield motorcycles containing interesting articles, useful maintenance tips, expert tips on cleaning, washing, upkeep of your Royal Enfield

These are a few of the regulars around here that support BlogDumps and have great blogs and are very good reads and I highly recommend you stop by and visit them… You will be glad you did, make sure to leave a comment bloggers love comments 😀


Older Eyes
General/Misc. Blogs – Reflections from an Older Perspective on feeling older, love and marriage, family, spirituality, writing and music … with some good old curmudgeonly rants thrown in for spice.


The Artist Challenge
The Artist Challenge is a theme based club for artists and writers.


The Inferno
We are a blog of writers and artist who have a unique vision. We believe that writers are artists, and artists are writers. We simply work in different mediums.


Pete’s ‘Today in History’ Quiz
For all fans of quizzes, this blog is here for you to get your daily ‘fix’ of trivia questions. Each day there will be questions about happenings that occurred on that particular day in history.


Babble Break
Welcome to my Wonderland and join me for a babble-licious Babble Break.


Your Caring Angles
Blogging girls, Your Caring Angels is all about angels. We have many true inspirational stories about Angles from many people of all walks of life.

I hope you all enjoyed being dumped it’s probably the only time you will ever enjoy it… LOL

Have a great Saturday

BlogDumps Saturday Night Dump

Well, the first thing I’d like to say is that instead of doing Saturday Funnies, Wolfbernz spent the morning and afternoon cleaning up on BlogDumps and BlogDumps B Tubed and he thinks he sent a B Tubed newsletter. So, if you got more than one newsletter, all I can say is Sorry!! If you didn’t get one, please don’t tell Wolfbernz, or he’ll keep trying! LOL He did give it his best 🙂

B Tubed is all cleaned up and the Web Cam Video uploader is working better than ever. So for those that want to send a private video to a friend or family member it is awesome!

If you haven’t joined BlogDumps B Tubed it is a nice place to network with friends and family, it’s spam free and you don’t have to worry about privacy issues we do not give out anyone’s information to a third party! You can customize your page send messages comment on everyone’s page and there is so much more. Try one of the games that you will find on the site they are simple and fun or just enjoy some cool videos or music. Upload and share your media and photos you can also create albums and make them public or private it’s a great place to host all your media

It’s been a busy day around here today. We’ve spent a good deal of time approving new bloggers and sorting through spammers on BlogDumps Bloggers. We’ve tested all the upload features on BlogDumps including most features found here on the site. Everything is working wonderfully!!! Oops I know shouldn’t have said that 😀 !

We would really like to thank all of you that dump your blogs and wear the BlogDumps button on your site it has helped us grow as one of the better human edited blog directories on the web.

If you would like to help support BlogDumps Get your Blog Featured and reviewed! As a featured blog you will be added to the front page of BlogDumps in the featured blog rotation and also on the directory page then on Saturday your blog will be featured and reviewed. The money we raise helps us keep the site up and running on our dedicated servers and keeps the features for all the bloggers on the site free.

If you have already been featured and would like to continue to help support the site visit the BlogDumps store… Yes Wolfbernz has created a new logo for all the T-Shirts and other item found in the store I won’t tell you what it says but he said due to popular demand this is what they should have on them… LOL

This just seemed to fit the day so enjoy this classic… Where were you!!! I just love Saturdays!

Upload and share your music on B Tubed!

Have a great Saturday night


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. . . .

Saturday Night Dump

It has been a few weeks since I have done one of these, this Saturday Night’s Featured blog is Art By Tomas! He won last weeks Top Sites Tuesday. If you would like to join us make sure to check in on Mondays and see what this week’s theme is. We have a lot of fun and who knows, you could be number one!

Tomas has some really cool art on his blog, he is a part of the BlogDumps community, the Tuesday Meme and we are glad to have him and his collection of beautiful pieces 🙂

This is what you will find on his about page. I used a screen shot to give you a preview of his cool blog.

Make sure to stop by, visit him and leave a comment after all it is the nice thing to do 😀 we bloggers love comments!

Thanks for being a part of the BlogDumps community


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. . .

Rock’n Saturday Night Dump

It sure has been a nice weekend so far We are working on BlogDumps again Trying to get things changed around and updated. I didn’t take the time to do the funnies this this morning so I thought I would rock out a bit while we are doing some programming 🙂

The First video is Creed -Overcome, you can download the video on B Tubed here 😀

So far we are still in the development stages but I hope to have B Tubed and the discussion forum logins connected so if you join one you can use the same login on the other etc… Facebook connect would be nice also. Then all the logins should be easy You will still have to create your profile and that sort of thing. Continue reading Rock’n Saturday Night Dump

Blog Dump On Saturday Night

Wow it sure got late around here fast! Trina and I were working on the farm today and the next Farm Vehicle you can read more about it here on Wolfbernz. The Porsche 1971 911 T is almost finished…Yea! I can’t wait to move onto my next project – the windmill generator!

Once again it is Saturday Night and time to feature one of our community members. Of course a Mention of Top Sites Tuesday’s winner is in order – Bud (aka Older Eyes) won This week. Make sure if you are going to participate the check in post goes up on Monday for the theme of the week.
The more that join makes it that much more fun 🙂

I guess what I would like to do is feature the co-founder of BlogDumps, Trina. She does so much for the sites and servers we run and is always there to help when things are needed to be done, heck she loves to blog but she is always busy fixing, approving, updating or setting up some one with their new web site. Trina does a great job around here I am sure you all have seen her blog themes and layouts change many times and that is because she it testing new layouts for the bloggers on BlogDumps.

I am sure if you have followed us for a while, you know we are self employed and we are into many different things and work in different fields together everyday. Trina is always there, ready to go and get whatever it is done for the day – whether working a few stories in the air on one of our construction jobs to trouble shooting a server issue working toward a goal we have set out for the day!

So here’s to you Trina! You have been Dumped on Saturday Night! But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to keep you, you are the best, the greatest *rolls out red carpet lined with gold fluffy edges* Thank you from all of us here in the community and from the gang here at BlogDumps for everything you do for the team and everyone else.

Have a great Saturday Night,

BlogDumps Saturday Dump

First I would like to tell you about one of our greatest and most talented bloggers in the BlogDumps community
Nancy from Coffee Break? She has won this weeks top sites Tuesday. She has a wonderful blog and has supported the BlogDumps community for some time now. I can’t say enough about how much we love her and her blog. Nancy’s writing is so good… I just wish I could write as well as she does, maybe someday 🙂

Nancy writes about many different topics and they are all good reads her site is called Coffee Break? Make sure to stop by and visit her on your blog surfing you will be glad you did.

As a token of our appreciation for being such a wonderful member of the BlogDumps Community we are going to give Nancy a Sponsored Category slot in the category of her choice in the BlogDumps Blog Directory. So be looking for my email Nancy! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Saturday Night Dump

Welcome to BlogDumps Saturday Night Dump!

In news today, I’m adding more blogs to the BlogDumps Blog Directory – I have so many new people to add! It seems to take me a long time because so many of the new blogs are very interesting and while I’m adding blogs to the directory I look at every one of them – sometimes I spend way too much time on a site and I don’t get much else done! I think it’s that “Catch 22” principle – I want to make sure every site added is a blog and links back to BlogDumps but in the same breath I have to go to each and every site! LOL

Also, don’t forget on Sunday morning, 2/14/2010 from 2AM-6AM EST we will be performing routine network maintenance on the core routers as well as upgrading about 20 network switches. During this period, you may notice 1-5 minutes of downtime during the upgrade of these switches. This will be done over night so it will probably go unnoticed.

This week Liggy was the top Blog on Top Sites Tuesday! If you have never visited her blog, you don’t know what you are missing! She’s awesome!

Hope everyone Has a great evening!

PS- Come join us Monday when the check in post for Top Sites Tuesday Meme goes up! It’s fun and we love new bloggers in the Meme!

Saturday Night Dump

The snow finally stopped, now we’re just dealing with high winds. We were fairly lucky, we never lost power during the storm. Wolfbernz went out earlier to try and plow the driveway – I think he said some of the snow drifts are 5 feet high. It’s crazy! And yes, he did get the tractor stuck – he had to be pulled out by the Jeep!

For a while we were getting 2 inches of snow an hour according to the newscasters. Delaware has been in a “State of Emergency” all day which simply means – STAY HOME. In order to road crews to do their jobs safely they wanted the roads clear of other cars. It was snowing so hard it was like a really thick fog, you couldn’t see anything until you were right up on it!

We don’t have anything new to report about BlogDumps, but if you were in the Blizzard of 2010, upload your videos and photos to BlogDumps Video and share them with everyone! I’ve seen some awesome snow pictures and I can’t wait to get out and take some of my own!

Have a great Saturday Night Everyone!

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The Saturday Dump!

Well I don’t know about you all, but we are under snow here on the Eastern Shore.
All the stores are closed early even Wal*Mart… LOL
I had to drive to town earlier, what a mess…

I had previously mentioned that I was working on a blogroll for the Top Sites Tuesday bloggers… Well, it is finished and you can see it in the sidebar- it looks like a little widget. If everyone that participates and is on the blogroll embed it in their sidebar, you will find your users visiting your blogs more often… It will increase everyone’s traffic and possible new readers. This is in no way a mandatory thing but to get on the blogroll you will have to fill out a put me on the blogroll form and show that you have been participating for at least two times and are going to continue or it would not be fair to those that do.

This is what it looks like… I hope you like it? It should automatically adjust to your sidebar size.

Speaking of Top Sites Tuesday, one of our favorites around here, Bud, won this week we will be sending out a BlogDumps T-Shirt to him. Thanks Bud for being a part of the community. You all should read this post it’s great!

I don’t know if you all have checked out the FAQ page but we had some questions and we were also informed that a couple of users couldn’t find our contact button so we added a footer with the necessities.

We have had quite a few new blogs this last week, I am going to have to make the rounds an check them out. So far the new form on BlogDumps Bloggers has slowed up the robots. Some robots still have found a way around the sign up form but I am able to catch them because they have no TOS Acceptance form attached to their sign up. Whew that was a mouthful.

We are getting closer to having all the new blogs listed – we have about 400 or so to go! I want to automate but if we do, we loose touch with the people who join BlogDumps. I still want to check the blogs out, I just think it’s a wise Idea and keeps a nice clean community.

I hope you all have a great weekend enjoy BlogDumps Make sure to sign up to BlogDumps B Tubed and bring your friends it’s easy and a fun place to host all your videos, music, photos and more and get a url or embed code for each to put them on your blog. Message friends make a web cam video and send it to your friends… You all have the fun and we will host it for you free in a spam free and uncrowded environment.


Saturday at the BlogDumps Social Blog Directory!

How’s that for a title? LOL I hope to attract more visitors and send you all some traffic and readers to your blogs and build a place for you to hang out with some fun things to do here. There have been so many new blogs created it’s great. I am doing my best to keep up with all the new submissions to the Blog Directory part of BlogDumps. I check each one… I know it’s slow but who want a bunch of junk or nasty stuff in the directory!

Speaking of traffic I want to thank all of you especially AngelBaby and her spreading her love and Blessings to all of us and such a nice post on Tuesday. I can’t say enough good things about her and her blog! 😀

I must say I enjoy reading all the different perspectives on each topic. Hopefully if I keep this up I will be able to write as well the rest of you. I hope to see a lot of you this Tuesday, it is much more fun when everyone participates… 🙂

I have added a Google search to the front page of BlogDumps for all of you that want to use it as a home page. What’s nice is if you do use it as a home page and use the Google search and use the sponsored results you are supporting BlogDumps so I appreciate this very much.

I have tried endlessly to promote the Bloggers Help America Fund and it just doesn’t seem to go over too well. So I am going to close this and give all the money we collected to the Alzheimer’s foundation. I didn’t know what to do at first when I closed this fund raiser, I really didn’t get much response as what to do with the money…

Today I was able to witness, first hand, what Alzheimers goes to a person. I met up with a dear friend and teacher of Trina and I’s. We study a martial art and both black belted under his instruction so we have a lot of history. After what I saw today I was overwhelmed, I didn’t know just how to take it all in, the sadness in his eyes. So I hope you all are in – I want to give what little we raised to them, I realize it’s not much but I’ll add a couple of bucks to round it off to an even Fifty bucks.

It’s funny I added it to the Badge to the front page this week just for one last hurrah before I gave the money to charity. I guess this was my destiny this week.

I am going to rewrite the post and link it from the blog page that all the badges go to to the Alzheimer foundation to donate to them if you all don’t mind. To all of you that gave a couple of bucks, just know that every dollar counts! Thanks for participating!

That’s about it for this Saturday I hope you all are having a good weekend!
I am off to some friends to drink some wine and watch a movie 🙂


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