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Chasing a Noodle

Category: Humor Blogs. Description: A humorous look at life, people, culture, the internet and social trends.
Just Because You Don't Need It

Consumer humor; shopping for fulfillment in a world of useless products.
Diwali 2015 - Diwali Images, Diwali Wishes, Diwali
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No. 1 Stop for Best Shayari, sms, messages in hindi,hurt,motivational,anger ,jokes,ishq to Impress and flirt your boyfriend or girlfriend
Humor-itarian Work center
We offer clean humor of different types, jokes, satire for joy, happiness, smile, laughter and relief from stress and tension.
The Web Babbler
A Blog full of funny text messages, funny gifs, pics, videos, jokes and other bizarre randomness!
Funny Jokes
I collected a large number of funniest short jokes, in here you can find all kinds of hilarious jokes, you will have a good mood.
Misunderstood Since 1967
Humorous musings, observations and stories from a child of the 70's and 80's. Retro memories and embarrassing tales thru irreverent stained disco glasses.
Funny Foreign Movie Posters
Hilarious, baffling, outrageous, and downright weird movie posters from all over the world.
dribbling pensioner
My blog is all about humour, jokes, poetry, political, Britain, and anything else that comes into my head during the day.
hair straight,jackets
Standup dad
My name is Gabriel Rutledge. I am a standup comic, a father of 3, and a husband of 1. And I have a blog.
Joy Arena
Dayly updates , funny videos , funny pictures , exclusive pics
Library for Fun - Jokes and Joy
The greatest and the newest funny blog in the net. Check it out now. Lot of categories of jokes, quotes and many more.
When there is sun, the stars disappear.
politics, economics, science, sports, humor
Twisted Humor
Wake Up Woman
Category Humor Blog - Description A modern day woman teaches woman how to be a good wife in true 1950s style
Getting Paid To Write
'Current Trends Breaking News Random Humor and Videos Health Opinion
Tales of a Fictional Pirate Captain
Blog - The world is a funny place. Take time to see it.
It's good to mock
Category: Humor Blogs. The name is Bill Y also known as The Y. The words in the blog are fairly random with an emphasis on mocking and some situations I’ve ended up whilst in pursuance of same.
b0ll0cks Rants And Other Spectacles
Funny humor blog about all the idiotic stuff I find on the internet and in real life. Also music, jokes, pranks, and internet radio reviews.
Fun Cool Pix
fun cool amazing weird and funny stuff
SMS Mantra
A blog for New Year SMS, Birthday SMS, Christmas, Id, Independence Day, Romantic SMS, Flirt SMS, Laughter SMS,Hindi sms & funny jokes
Essential Bastard
"What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist." –Salman Rushdie
Essential Bastard
Category: Humor Blogs
The Cluttered Bubble
A personal style blog full of humor and wit yet with a serious side, too. Relaxed atmoshpere, fun and friendly folks and frequent updates keep the enjoyment going.
The Sexy Armpit
Superheroes, Music, Movies, TV, Nostalgia, WWE, & Food. Jay writes from New Jersey "The Armpit of America."
Life has its funny and hard ways of teaching people how to live it.
New Jokes, funny pictures, sms, T-shirt quotes, santa banta jokes, and lot of funny stuff
Free Chicken Wings
Absurd musings, miscellaneous humor, and one of the blogosphere's best snack bars. Free chicken wings after 10:00 pm CST.
Funny Youtube Video List
Funny Video Clips - Funny ads - Interesting commer
A collection of funny video clips,funny ads,funny news,TV shows, TV series, funny flash clips,old Indian ads ,interesting commercials and a lot more.
Funny Dogs Videos
Preferred category: Humor Blogs
Crazy American News
Just how crazy can Americans be? Well I decided to start Crazy American News to showcase the crazy stories that I find on the net!
Whack! News
Positively Ghastly! - Hilarious Animals
Blog- The funkiest animals on the planet!
Suburban Senshi
Humr Blogs - Suburban senshi chat blog - where the Sailor senshi and friends hang out on the information superhighway - A Sailormoon fanfic site updated since 2002 with chatrooms, forums and a wiki!
Bagwine Ruminations
A site that hilariously skewers politics, life, society, religion and anything else on Matt-Man's mind. Comments are encouraged. Best read while drinking cheap wine. Cheers!!
Truth to Power: Dissent into Gladness
A hilariously scathing liberal blog devoted to intelligent and thought provoking analysis of current events.
Laughs & Laughs
How to make me laugh
How to make me laugh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Pinoy Space
The best collection of Filipino humor filled with pinoy hilarious stories, funny SMS messages, naughty jokes, amazing videos/images and other crazy stuffs in one blog site.
Life's weird, so you better have a sense of humour.
A Nice Place In The Sun
I believe we take ourselves too seriously, and need happy places to read, laugh, and relax. I'm a humorist/children's writer, mother, friend and cat owner.
Los Cuatro Ojos
nformation, Insults, Opinion, Humor, Satire and Politics with a definite slant towards the ridiculousness of it all.
Dear Murray: Real Advice for Real People
Dear Murray cares just enough to listen, but not enough to help!
The Title is Irrelevant...Or Is It?
. This is a blog about anything and everything that I can come up. Mostly Forks.
Renal Failure
Category: Humor Blogs The blog of wild fabrications and outright lies.
Here Comes A Storm
, well at least I laugh at myself!
Mark Base - Helsingblog
A British-Canadian expat's observations and opinions about life in Helsingborg, a small city in the south of Sweden. Want to know what it's REALLY like?
It Puts the Lotion in the Basket
The always warped and twisted thoughts of a blogger addict. Stay awhile. I curse a lot.
Deep In The Forrest
Inspiration, Rants, Raves and Daily Opinion and Humor... You never know what lurks in the darkness Deep In The Forrest.
The Chicken Coop
A composite of the only the highest-quality organic internet humor from around the globe, filtered by such industry authorities as Carl Grovslovsky and Mitch Wexler.
Antichrist & Minotaur Man
Top notch humor to you, the filthy, smut peddling, pedophiles of the world wide web.
Regretful Morning
Ever wake up in a puddle of your own piss and vommit, not knowing where you are or how you got there?
Chasing a NoodleChasing a Noodle A humorous look at life, people, culture, the internet and social trends, from the inventor of the world's first biscuit spacesuit; made entirely of chocolate hobnobs.
Olga, the Traveling Bra Off-beat, humorous blog w/funny pictures depicting all of the exciting adventures of the world's 1st & only globetrotting bra!


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