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A Disgruntled Republican

blog, A right-leaning, pragmatic-centrist, disgruntled Republican comments on the news of the day and anything else he damn-well pleases.
Quotidian Bleat
Progressive political and current event blog with a touch of bi-polar perspectives regarding liberal and conservative approaches to national issues.
Striving for a world where there is peace and prosperity all over and there is no inequality and inequity.
Whatever It Takes !
I feel and i write, no intention to hurt anyone, i slash those who deserve it, bit sarcastic and i love to receieve all kind of feed backs !
Enough is Enough
Category - Political Blogs
Obama Cartoon
Conservative cartoons with strong commentary and many great original articles!
War, Lies And Delusions
After nine years of warring, with a $60 billion war funding bill, a pledge of $500 million to help Pakistan, America is the reason this war will never be won
Rational Thought - I Think Not
Schwarzenegger at it again - this threat to reduce wages has little to do with the deficit but more to do with control and manipulation.
Your Government At Work
Federal, State, Local Government, proving time and time again that the only thing they are interested in is "self"
Political Gossip UK
Political Gossip UK provides the latest commentary on what is happening within the smaller political parties in the UK. These include UKIP, the BNP and the Greens.
Responsibility - Freedom Requires It
Opinion and Questions about politics and life.
Obama Cartoons
cartoons. Conservative political cartoons on current events
Responsibility - Freedom Requires It
One man's opinion and lots of questions about the state of government and politics.
a Ct Patriots blog
a new school conservative current events blog ... Updated daily.. comments welcome ... Join the Fight for Freedom...
A Passion To Understand
A passionate view of world events and a desire to understand why.
Responsibility - Freedom Requires It
Politics, Opinions, and Questions about today's news
Responsibility - Freedom Requires It
This is a bi-lingual (English and Swahili) blog that focuses on African and world news and events analysis and opinion.
analysis, opinions and reviews.
uncomfortably numb
liberal politics, news and views all wrapped up in a neat little blog
India news, 24 hours news updates
Aindianews.com Service providing, India News, Indian news, Breaking news, news wire the 24 hrs updated news service and also providing news
Pilipinas: May Pag-asa Pa
Blogging to rekindll and restore the Filipino hope, spirit and pride as a contribution to the cause of liberating the Filipino people from the bondage of poverty and inequality
Upstate South Carolina
I like to keep them honest in South Carolina by telling all the dirt they do not want you to know within the Local Government. Sometimes they do good and sometimes not.
Michael Johns
A Disgruntled Republican
A right-leaning, pragmatic-centrist, disgruntled Republican comments on the news of the day and anything else he damn-well pleases.
Words from Solitude
A living page to inform and exchange views and opinions and beginning of a process to place uncomfortable questions in front of our somewhat weird society we live in- political, social and cultural.
Rucking Fidiculous
DescriptionConservative content with unapologetic rhetoric. Pro Israel, Pro life, Pro death sentence! The only thing to describe the liberal mind is ruckin' fidiculous!!
Flipantasticweb site deals with my interest politics, blogging, government and any issues i deem important and would inject a spot in the web.
Uplift of the poor
This is my first effort to fight and eradicate poverty
Garling Gauge
Read all about what's going on in Politics today
No Compromise When You're Right!
Category -- Political Blogs
Michael Johns
Michael Johns, a former White House speechwriter, Heritage Foundation policy analyst and award-winning conservative writer, provides periodic commentary in this influential and widely read blog.
raw dawg buffalo
african american and world politics, culture and opinion
One Mom's View
Politics: One Mom's View of politics and current events. It's not about right and left, but right and wrong
Canada Wants 9/11 Truth
Canadians who demand a new independant investigation into the possibility that rogue elements of the US Government self inflicted a wound on 9/11 in pretext for war.
ILL Natured gr Blogger
A blog about almost everything,mainly with a sarcastic point of view. From Politics to PC Security
Breaking Views
A critical look at news, politics, religion and life
MindFul MiMi
Thoughts on life and all that keeps our minds occupied. Such as ourselves, our children, our jobs, our family and friends, the books we read, the thoughts we think, the people that rule the world...
Lots O' Thoughts
A New York City law student's random musings on science, law, public policy, and current events.
Confessions of a Closet Republican
ruminations and ramblings on life, the arts, the world, politics and politics in the arts by a republican actress
Hell's Handmaiden
Politics, philosophy, religion, science... and their collisions with the real world.

They Will Say ANYTHING!

Political and economic news and views, sometimes LOL, sometimes not, but always topical.

America for Purchase A liberal dose of news, national and local politics, progressive commentary and opinions, and commonsense conversation, humor, religion and human rights

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