The Saturday Blog Dump

I hope everyone is having a great weekend? It’s been hot and muggy here on the Eastern Shore!
I was looking through the new members list on the front page I was glad to see so many new Blogs and community members.

I had mentioned I would start dumping blogs again on Saturday Night 🙂 I used to do this all the time an I thought it might be fun to try it for a while and see if it helps drive new readers to your blogs.

Here are a few of them, this is probably the only time you will enjoy being dumped 😀

Footprints In Time

Wake Up Woman

From Awesome, with Love

Chronors Blog

My Net Blog

little pink splotches

Make sure to check out all the new members and leave a comment it’s nice to get comments 🙂

I would like to introduce you to some really Awesome blogs that have been around some time now and have supported BlogDumps for awhile now… Thanks all. These blogs are definitely on the must read list!

Liggy of Liggyz Dreamz Very cool with mostly a music niche blog

The Poop of I Eat Snowman Poop – A great blog I lurk around time to time just to keep up 🙂

So now you all have been Dumped on a Saturday Night… LOL Hey this could be an excuse to have a wild and crazy Saturday night you’ve been dumped

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Have a great Saturday Night


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3 thoughts on “The Saturday Blog Dump”

  1. Those are some pretty interesting new members blogs, except that I could not get to the last one. Blogger says it’s not found. Is the site link correct or did they take their blog down already?

    BTW, thanks 4 the mention. I love it here at the Blogdumps community. 🙂

  2. HI Liggy

    You’re welcome 🙂

    It was me on the last blog… Coding error! Oooops, all fixed now!


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