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Friday Night Jam

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So here we are hanging out in Elizabeth City, North Carolina – The Harbor of Hospitality. A very nice place and super boater friendly I might add.

Tonight we stopped at the local Cupcakery and got amazing cupcakes and a cup of coffee and then just cruised through the historic downtown… so awesome!

We have had some good times on the water so far and met some really nice people. It has been a bit chilly the last couple nights but that’s OK we are headed South. Wolfbernz has been posting on his blog if you want to follow us down the ICW.

I thought this would be a fun song, well video for Friday night I found it on the web and had to share it.
Wolf asked me to do a post on the blog so this is it 🙂 I hope you all have a great Friday Night and a better weekend.

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Lake Of Fire – Nirvana on Sunday Music!

So here it is the Fourth of July again. I was moving a bunch of boxes and things around on the farm. My son comes over and sees me doing this so to tease him I asked, “Do you see anything that you want or that is yours?”

He replied no.

I asked “Are you sure you do not see one thing that you could want?”

He replied No.

My son had forgot that last year we had left over fireworks and we had put them in an old ammo box. That same ammo box was sitting on the floor right next to his foot. I know you are thinking well that couldn’t be much – it is a large ammo box.

So after he said no for the fourth time ( I just had to use the fourth word…LOL) I reminded him what was in the box with a chuckle. He started to say something and the Trina the referee stepped in and said, “Your father asked you so I guess you will have to be here to see them.” I chuckled under my breath again. It’s always fun here on the Forth. We have great time with the family, we all get to share and have a good time. It’s also a good time to reflect on who we are as Americans and what we stand for.

Have a great Fourth be safe but have a blast too!

This week, Lake of Fire by Nirvana!

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Happy Independence Day!
Wolf and Trina

Memorial Day On BlogDumps

Since we haven’t done a Top Sites Tuesday for a couple weeks I thought since we have internet for today this would be a great time for everyone to join in and add a link to their Memorial day post- if you have done one.

Please leave a link in the comments to your blog post.

As I mentioned in my last post we hope to be home next week 🙂

This is the time of year that we thank all of our military for their service and for everything they give up for their country.

My father and many members of my family have been in and are in the military.

I know everyone is glad to have a day off and are ready to have the big BBQ and a ton of fun to start off this summer but let’s not forget one of the most important things to do first.

First, I think we should all take a moment and pray for those that are in harms way in our armed services and then for those that have done their service and for those that have passed away in the line of duty for their country.

I usually stop by the services at home and watch the speech and honor guard do the ceremony, it’s seems as though I watch it every year I still get that little lump in the throat as they play the national anthem.

I am sure many who have been with the BlogDumps community have heard this before but this song is so appropriate for this holiday. Since I am out of the country I am kind of bummed I can’t raise my BlogDumps flag on the site.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend!

Wolfbernz and Trina

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Sunday Music – Happy Birthday Wolfbernz

So it’s Wolfbernz birthday, well not really it was on the 31st of March but we are going to celebrate it today.

Both sons, their wives and his little man ( the grandson) are coming over to hang out. I am taking them to church with us today, ok I’m dragging one – but that’s ok. We are not the biggest church goers but we are family people and we do like values and morals… Something that is lacking in today’s society. Especially after stopping by and reading Cheryl’s post today.

So I hope they don’t mind, they said it would be his day, so what a better way to start a family day than church, lunch and a movie, yep that’s it but there better be cake involved… LOL Wolfbernz LOVES CAKE!!!

It’s even a warm and sunny spring day 🙂 Does it get any better? Family fun, lots of love and happiness!
After all isn’t that what it is supposed to be all about. So if you happen by make sure to wish Wolfbernz a Happy Birthday in the comments.

Have a great Sunday
PS. Thanks for all you do for us here on BlogDumps!

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Happy Halloween Music for your Blog – Saturday Funnies!

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Today is the big day here for us, we are throwing a Huge Halloween party here at the farm! They have the building all decorated and scary looking! I really appreciate the crew around here doing everything, so big hugs and thanks all 🙂

After tonight’s party here on the farm I don’t know if I will make a Sunday Music post… LOL
Trina has been uploading Halloween Music to BlogDumps Video site “B Tubed” so if you all want to post some Halloween music on your blog stop by and check out all the new audio that she just uploaded 🙂

Throughout the day she said she will be uploading more so you may find something you like!

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This Saturday’s Funny Monsters…LOL

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Have a great Saturday!

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I know we’re a little slow getting a post up this Friday but we’ve been scurrying around making preparations for a big Halloween party on the farm and if things go well we might even get a vacation this year 😉 So we’ve been running around trying to get things done!

I want to thank everyone this week, we had a blast! This week’s winner, AY from Babble Break featured the musical stylings of her son! If you missed it, check out her post and don’t forget to leave a comment – bloggers love comments!!

I hope ya’ll had a great Friday Night, we sure did! Nothing better than good food and good friends! Oh, something is missing… good music 😉

That’s Better!
TGIF Everyone!

Sunday American Music

We went to Washington DC yesterday and visited the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam memorial and the Korean War Memorial. We got to the memorials around Sunset and what a spectacular site it is!

There was a Peace Rally:

And there was so many people after the same shot we were:

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday Music -Time To Relax

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I hope you all are having a nice weekend 😀 I have been working all weekend but I am taking time off during the week so I guess it all balances itself out…LOL

This was uploaded by Angel1 on BlogDumps B Tubed! It’s very relaxing, I hope you enjoy it for a Sunday Music post it is definitely different than the rock music I normally post but I thought it would be a nice change to do this one. I do like the photos in the video.

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I am off to work and then have fun with Jacob this afternoon, Sunday is my day with him and I enjoy it a lot.
Here is a photo.

See, he is great we have so much fun and he is so cool!

Have a nice Sunday

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Counting Crows On Sunday Music

This is such a nice song, mellow and it’s just an easy listener 🙂

This was uploaded by Webcruiser on B Tubed.

Have a great Sunday it’s a beautiful day here on the Eastern Shore! In case anyone was wondering the surf was fantastic and I got home too late to do the Saturday Night Dump so I will make it up to all of you new members during the week.

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Enjoy the music

This weeks topic for Top Sites Tuesday for you early birds will be… What was your favorite trip or things you did this past Summer? I hope to see you all the check in post will go up Monday Morning 🙂


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