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Sunday Music

Yes, it’s Sunday. It’s overcast with a chance of rain today – such a nice change from the terrible heat. It feels like summer is over and Autumn is right around the corner. The leaves should be changing soon too, I can’t wait!

So here’s some nice calm, quiet Sunday music. Well, quiet for my tastes anyway 😉 It’s a bit of a funny song, I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Sunday!

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Happy Friday!

It’s been a long hot week here on the Delmarva Peninsula. But, today is Friday and that means that the work week is over and nothing else matters! LOL

While I was checking out B Tubed and getting the code for this song I noticed there have been quite a few new members and would like to say, Welcome to BlogDumps B Tubed! Have fun and enjoy uploading and sharing all your music, videos, and photos. B Tubed is a great place for all that and keeping in touch with friends! Oh and Did I mention there’s games?


Happy Friday Everyone!

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It’s supposed to thunderstorm all day here, but who cares right? It’s FRIDAY! End of the week, time to get ready to relax and have fun with friends! Here’s a little Zepplin to help you get in the mood:

This week’s Top Sites Tuesday was awesome! It was so nice to read about how everyone treated their Moms and how wonderful it was for the moms to be spoiled! Yeah, sometimes it’s just that one special day that reminds everyone how special everyday is 🙂 And amidst the spoiling fun we all got a chance to relax. The topic last week, What Did You Do To Relax This Weekend, proved to be wonderful. This week’s winner, Older Eyes has an awesome blog with so much insite in his posts! But just because he won doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t need to be noted:

Your Caring Angels
Liggyz Dreamz
Babble Break
Pete’s Quiz
Art by Tomas
Coffee Break?
Trina’s Blog

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Rock’n Saturday Night Dump

It sure has been a nice weekend so far We are working on BlogDumps again Trying to get things changed around and updated. I didn’t take the time to do the funnies this this morning so I thought I would rock out a bit while we are doing some programming 🙂

The First video is Creed -Overcome, you can download the video on B Tubed here 😀

So far we are still in the development stages but I hope to have B Tubed and the discussion forum logins connected so if you join one you can use the same login on the other etc… Facebook connect would be nice also. Then all the logins should be easy You will still have to create your profile and that sort of thing. Continue reading Rock’n Saturday Night Dump

Sunday Music

Wow, What a weekend 🙂 What’s snew… lol

Even though the weather has been so bad, BlogDumps has stayed intact and running smooth as ever.
Since we were snowed in I had a chance to go over some things on the site I would have normally have waited on until Monday. We had a small issue with the “Top Site Tuesday” Blogroll but I fixed it and everyone’s widget should be working fine. I will work on a widget that will work on blogs… They don’t allow an iframe embed. That is one reason I started BlogDumps Bloggers so people would not be limited as to what they want to do, weather it’s blogging for fun or profit I don’t care just blog and have fun is my motto!

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I know I am a little late with my Sunday Music post but I spent the day digging out of the snow… We have four and five foot snow drifts and yes Trina had to have a camera when I got the tractor stuck… lol

Well it is Sunday music, so here is one uploaded by Liggy she has a great blog with cool music downloads so make sure to visit her… Make sure to leave a comment, we bloggers love comments after all it is the nice thing to do. Pete turn your speakers down 🙂 Really it’s a great song thanks Liggy for sharing it.

If you would like to have your blog on BlogDumps Sunday Music Join BlogDumps B Tubed and upload your favorite music. I will use it on my Sunday music post.

Have a great Sunday, and enjoy the Super Bowl 🙂


Christmas on Sunday Music

We are having a blast in the snow here on the East Coast! I am so happy that we’re actually having a white Christmas this year! It’s wonderful! All the Christmas lights look amazing reflecting in the snow that has fully encompassed us.

Happy Holidays!

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Friday at BlogDumps


What a crazy week this has been! Busy! Busy! Busy! I missed doing the BlogDumps news yesterdaym but there was no real news because everything seems to be running smoothly around here – Oops! Shouldn’t have said that!

I can’t wait for a little rest and relaxation. It’s getting chilly here on the eastern shore so before it gets too cold we are going to have another Bonfire here on the farm.

Make sure to stop by the Saturday night Dump tomorrow and read the review about Randomize Me, she was that winner of Top Sites Tuesday! It would be awesome if everyone could join in on Tuesdays, it’s so much fun! I love read all of your blog posts and seeing how everyone interprets each week’s theme differently! I would really like Top Sites Tuesday to become a huge networking event between all of your bloggers that have joined the community! Networking is the way to go to meet new bloggers, gain readers and comments on your blog!

I hope all of you are doing well! Here’s a nice song to listen to!

Have a great weekend!

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Sunday Music With Liggy

Yes it’s that time again 🙂 I hope you all are having a great weekend!

It has been raining for days here on the Eastern Shore so we have been just hanging out and watching the rain drops… LOL

I really wanted to go to the wine festival but it’s just too cold and wet to have any fun outside. I think I’ll wait for warmer weather… My wine likes it like the photo… hehehe

Palm tree hammock wine bottle holder

Just for fun I have been cruising BlogDumps Video for some music and I found that Liggy uploaded this song so I am going to use it today for Sunday music… Pete turn your volume down…LOL For those who like rock turn it up 😀

If you are into music you will love Liggy’s blog! Thanks Liggy for being a part of the community!

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Have a great Sunday!

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